clipping. – CLPPNG

clipping. lives up to hip hop tradition and pushes “noise hop” unorthodoxy on their sophomore album.

Orphan Donor – Empty

Recording for Allentown grindcore quartet Orphan Donor’s new EP Empty apparently took place over the course of three years – starting in January 2011, in a barn, and ending in November 2013, in a basement. Clocking in at a seemingly meager 15 minutes, Empty might just be the most rawly affecting extreme music listen you’ll have all year. Check it!

If you dig this, be sure to check out the band’s live (and incredibly murky) self-titled EP here. You can also look forward to the band’s first full-length, which is in the works.

Whirr – “Swoon”

West Coast shoegaze outfit Whirr have dropped a new track, which will be featured on the band’s next EP on Graveface in September.

The group released their second full-length early last year, which I missed, sadly. However, it’s looking like this new EP, Around, is going to bring a slight change of pace. On this new cut, “Swoon,” Whirr is still sounding pretty noisy and shoegaze-inspired, but their they are slowing tempos down for an effect that feels ambiguously blissful and depressing. Enjoy!

Cough – “Athame”

Stream: Cough – “Athame”

This is just filthy, absolutely dirty, 18 minutes of rolling around in sludge and now I need a shower, desperately.

As you can imagine the song builds at an incredibly slow pace, but when the guitars start swirling and the vocals repeating about black altars and sacrifice the atmosphere is dark and can completely changed your mood. As the song goes you can hear the pure passion behind the vocals and the guitars start screeching, it’ll make you sweat in the best way possible. And don’t expect it to end anytime soon either.

Loma Prieta – “Immemorial”

What we have here is a pretty interesting international collaboration between two hardcore bands Loma Prieta from the Bay Area of the U.S and Raein who hail from Italy. They’re both due to be featured on a forthcoming split on Deathwish.

What we get from them is what I can only think of as controlled seizures of hardcore and quick musical shifts. It all initially seems so frantic in the brief 44 second run time, but with multiple listens it is clear that it is more precise musicianship and delicate work to create that sound of chaos. Loma creates some passionate, brief, and intense music here. The ear-piercing shots of guitar are an especially nice touch, too.

Check a review of Loma Prieta’s latest full-length here:

Stream the New Plebian Grandstand / Cortez Split

Combining elements of post-hardcore and sludge metal, the bands Plebian Grandstand and Cortez basically challenge one another in a minute-for-minute battle of dissonance and volume on this new split 10″.

Each band delivers its own 12-minute song on this thing, and each of them meets the challenge with all the noise they can muster.

Grab this thing on Get A Life Records. Feel this apocalypse! Feel the burn! Get fried.

Ty Segall- “The Hill”

I think there’s more than one Ty Segall walking the planet right now or something, because the California garage rocker is about to drop his third–yes, third–project this year.

His previous two releases were great, rowdy rock records, and it’ll be exciting to see if he can keep the consistency up with this new solo album titled Twins, which is looking at an October release, I believe, via Drag City records.

“The Hill” is the first song to come from the album, and it’ll have a 7″ release on September 4th. The track has a surprisingly soft intro, featuring a pleasant female chorus that sets the stage for some really distorted and abrasive guitar chords. It’s a blazingly loud piece of psych rock that references the past while sounding new enough to be interesting. Good move, Ty, good move.

Baroness- “Take My Bones Away”

A lot like the band Torche with its latest album, Harmonicraft, sludgesters Baroness seem to be moving their heavy rock sound into more accessible territory. “Take My Bones Away” is the first track to drop from the band’s forthcoming Yellow & Green album, which will be out on Relapse in July, and the track has a strong alternative rock vibe to it. It’s actually something I could see Foo Fighters fans getting down with, but that’s not a bad thing by any means, because Baroness manages to maintain a lot of its personality in the process of this change.

The guitars are still sludgy, there are plenty of harmonic guitar solos, the song itself still showcases Baroness’ knack for building songs up to epic climaxes. All in all, a nice teaser toward a potentially great album.

Fidlar- DIYDUI

Coming out in April on White Iris, here’s the new Fidlar 7″, DIYDUI. These guys are a LA band looking for some bottles to break and weed to smoke. Maybe a couch to lay on for a while, too. Definitely something to help Black Lips or Natural Child fans kick spring into high gear. Be on the lookout for some surf rock reverb, pounding guitars, and a load of attitude.