Michael Cera – True That

Michael Cera drops an album that’s a musical hobbyist’s affair.

Half Japanese – “In Its Pull”

So much hype surrounding Half Japanese’s upcoming record Overjoyed – it’s their first full-length thing in 13 freaking years! It’s not so hard to see why all the excitement: the band’s DIY sound was groundbreaking throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s and was influential to countless notable alt/indie rock artists, including Kurt Cobain and Daniel Johnston.

Now it’s 2014, and with lo-fi music so readily accessible with the web, I can’t really imagine this new single “In Its Pull” being mind-blowing for most listeners. That being said, Jad Fair still knows how to write the hell out of a song, so this is a pretty killer track all the same. It sounds in-the-moment like the group’s best work and I dig the raw production Deerhoof’s John Dieterich brings to the table. Thankfully, it looks as though Overjoyed will be a plenty enjoyable comeback that will be just offbeat enough. We know too well that sometimes even that is too much to ask for…

Overjoyed is due out September 2 via Joyful Noise Recordings.

Dub Thompson – “No Time”

Up-and-coming lo-fi rock outfit Dub Thompson drops yet another song from their forthcoming album on Dead Oceans, 9 Songs. Truth be told, “No Time” has been floating around for a little while, I believe, but I’ve been warming up to the song a bit. The damaged aesthetic of the recording just gives the eerie, viral refrain a lot of impact, and I think the quirky organ melodies at the start of the track add a lot of the song as well.

9 songs is coming out next week.

ikea-graveyard – stray

Alofa Gould is a 19-year-old Vista, CA-based singer-songwriter who has recorded under the moniker Your Bruise, and now under ikea-graveyard. This month, she put out a split EP with touringmates Bulldog Eyes and Yukon, as well as this collection of demos she recorded on her porch, called stray. The tracks are breezy and feature only Gould’s lovely voice and acoustic guitar, but while simple, they manage to be quite evocative. She caps off the tape with a nice Joyce Manor cover, too. Happy listening!

Black Pus – “Blood Will Run”

Black Pus, a.k.a. Brian Chippendale, is dropping a new, vinyl-only split LP with Oozing Wound, which is aptly titled Split LP. From what I understand, “Blood Will Run” is the first song to be dropped from it, and it’s absolutely nuts. It’s not quite as noisy or rhythmically dense as one would expect from a Black Pus.

Actually, it’s the lyrics that manage to lead the way on this one. Chippendale shouts these direct, yet, abstract lines about pulling out his gun in response to other people needing to “turn down” their music and opinions. There’s even some goofily harmonized singing just before there’s noisy freakout of ascending and descending melodies that spiral out of control against Chippendale’s steady drumming, too. Definitely one of the more distinct and odd tracks I’ve heard from this project in a while. Hopefully, the rest of this split runs just as bold.

Look for Split LP via Thrill Jockey on June 17th.

Never Young – “Main Stacks”

Never Young whips out a sad, heart-stopping chord progression on “Main Stacks,” which is one of the many tracks featured on their new, cassette, Master Copy. If you’re looking for well-crafted guitars mixed with noise, and fed through some lo-fi recording tricks, then look for this thing on Father/Daughter Records.

Oh, Rose – That Do Now See EP

This new EP from Olympia indie rock trio Oh, Rose is a lovely, pretty haunting little project. For the most part, That Do Now See proffers a particularly moody, lo-fi brand of folk-tinged rock, but the spare instrumentation and frontwoman Olivia Rose’s vocals rise above their subdued tendencies for the opener “Prom” and penultimate track “Luke Rose” for electrifying results. Still, the understated majority of the five songs manages to be alluringly forlorn; Rose having a nice timbre to her voice that suits the murky recording and dim instrumentation.

If you dig this, do check out their previous effort, last year’s four-track EP A Date at the Guest House.

Tony Molina – Dissed and Dismissed

While the incredible brevity of this new Tony Molina record makes it a little gimmicky, the infectious melodies and breakup album concept are enough to make me overlook that most of the time. If you like your power pop rough and punk-influenced, give this a listen.

Black Lips – Underneath The Rainbow

Stream the new Black Lips album if ya know what’s good for ya! The band seems to live up to grimy and catchy expectations with this new set of tracks, which will be out officially on the 18th of this month. Enjoy!

Goliad – Inevitability

If you find yourself enjoying the pristine, banal plunderphonics of Oneohtrix Point Never as well as the woozy vocal inflection of a “sad rock” act like Porches. (or even Liars), then you might want to keep an eye on 19-year-old Bay Area musician Devlin Miski (a.k.a. Goliad). On Inevitability, you will find both of these things in abundance, and with some fine-tuning, this “plunder-pop” thing might just catch on. Happy listening!

This is Miski’s second project this year, after last month’s Gavin’s Middle Name, a beat tape he released under the name Iequoia with fellow producer Danny Spiteri. Hear it here.