Killer Mike – “Ghetto Gospel”

Check out this new music video Killer Mike made for R.A.P. Music cut “Ghetto Gospel.” Seeing a Bible-wielding, glasses-clad Killer Mike in his best Church clothes was something I really would’ve appreciated back in 2012, but better late than never!

A gentle reminder that R.A.P. Music was a pretty stellar LP:

Run The Jewels – Self-Titled

A collaborative review of the new, self-titled Run The Jewels album, which is newly formed–uh, somewhat–duo of El-P and Killer Mike.


Download Run The Jewels’ Debut LP!

Download: Run The Jewels – Self-Titled

Interestingly enough, one of 2013′s best hip hop albums came from one of that year’s oddest pairings as well: El-P and Killer Mike. R.A.P. music was an all-out assault with El-P’s bold production, and Mike’s hefty voice and conscious lyrics.

Though the project was unexpected, the energy between these two guys was too great to ignore. That much is obvious since Jamie and Mike have reconvened under the name Run The Jewels for a new collection of tracks that are out now on Fool’s Gold, and downloadable via the link above.

If you’re the physical type, CDs and vinyl are available for this release as well. Either way, I’m sure you wanna hear this thing ASAP. Hit that link! What are you waiting for?

Check a review for R.A.P. Music below:

When Saints Go Machine – “Love and Respect” ft. Killer Mike

An eerie fusion of electronic music and hip hop on this new track from When Saints Go Machine, “Love and Respect,” which is a cut from the Danish quartet’s new album, Infinity Pool. It’s dropping this week via EMI Records and !K7 Records.

Top-50 Singles of 2012

Here is a YouTube playlist of all the songs that made this list.

The Coup- “WAVIP” (feat. Das Racist and Killer Mike)

A veritable political hip hop pow wow takes place on”WAVIP,” the latest track to drop from the Coup’s forthcoming LP, Sorry to Bother You. Featuring the forceful flow of Killer Mike, the musings of Kool A.D. and Heems of Das Racist, and of course, the drawl of Boots Riley, the track functions on two levels. Lyrically, the emcees spit populist mantras (e.g. Riley suggests the residents of Whoville take revenge on the Grinch by slitting his throat), shifting in tone with each pass of the mic. Musically, the beat serves to lighten the track, buoying the song from getting excessively weighty with its dirty, funky synth and punchy drums. Creating a politically-charged song that doesn’t drown in its own sentiment is a difficult task, but the Coup succeed with fine guest emcees who stay on topic.

Killer Mike- “Untitled” (Yours Truly Session)

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike recently recorded a live in studio session for Yours Truly for “Untitled,” a highlight track from his new LP R.A.P. Music, one of the better hip-hop albums of the year. Watching Mike rap in this video is truly a sight to behold; his flow is at once seemingly effortless and yet so gooey and thick, almost like Biggie Smalls with a Southern accent. He starts out in the zone and remains thoroughly in it throughout “Untitled’s” four-minute duration, hitting his stride particularly after the first chorus. Watching a smile creep up on his bearded face by the halfway mark is particularly telling — you can tell that he knows he’s  a badass rapper, and I’m definitely not going to argue with that.

Watch the Yours Truly clip above and pick up R.A.P. Music on Williams Street today.

Killer Mike- “Big Beast” ft. T.I. and Bun B

An extremely gore-filled, NSFW, and ambitious music video coming from Killer Mike on the single “Big Beast,” featuring T.I., Bun B, and El-P as the getaway driver. Look out for a convenience store holdup, a straight razor going through a robbers tongue, zombie strippers, and a pretty aggressive car chase.

Killer Mike- R.A.P. Music

On this album-length collaboration, MC Killer Mike and producer El-P manage to complement one another perfectly any major changes in their respective approaches to hip hop.


Killer Mike- R.A.P. Music

Stream: Killer Mike- R.A.P. Music

The much anticipated collaboration between MC Killer Mike and producer EL-P is now available for streaming in full on Spin. Both of these artists are well known for their hard-hitting styles and it is clear that they wanted this project to be a crushing force to be reckoned with. The production here is consistently great, every song is unique and dense, while maintaining the trade mark noisy rap style El-P is known for. Killer Mike clearly gives it his all on every track, showing his lyrical prowess. The entire project is an example of two artists who have styles that compliment each other making both aspects sound even better.

R.A.P. Music drops May 15th.