Julia Holter – Boiler Room Session

Experimental artpopper Julia Holter released one of the 2013′s finest records in Loud City Song. And now she has done a gorgeously recorded Boiler Room performance of beautiful renditions of her work. It’s certainly worth checking out if you have been a fan of Holter’s and are interested in seeing how her esoteric pop translates to a live setting.

Julia Holter – “Don’t Make Me Over” / “Hello Stranger”

Beloved woozy, ethereal songstress Julia Holter has a new single, and it features two cover songs. The tracks are “Don’t Make Me Over” and “Hello Stranger.”

Look for the single on Domino Records this August.

Julia Holter – “Horns Surrounding Me”

Singer-songwriter Julia Holter releases some visuals for one of the odder tracks on her latest album, Loud City Song, which is out now on Domino Records. It’s a tense, emotive piece of dream pop that’s now accompanied by some eerie cinematography. Enjoy! Also, catch a review for Loud City Song below:

Julia Holter – Live In-Studio w/KEXP

Art-popper Julia Holter stopped by the KEXP studio recently and did an interview and a lovely performance of “In the Green Wild,” “This is a True Heart,” and “City Appearing” from her latest album Loud City Song, which is, in case you didn’t know already, one of 2013′s best. It is always interesting to see how songs such as Holter’s are performed live.

Loud City Song is out now via Domino.

Julia Holter – “This Is a True Heart”

Julia Holter has a new video out for Loud City Song stand-out “This Is a True Heart.” The experimental songstress’ amusing take on espionage and hacktivism can be watched above. Enjoy!

Loud City Song is out now via Domino Records, and it’s exquisite. Catch a review for it below:

Julia Holter – Loud City Song

On her latest album, Loud City Song, CA singer-songwriter Julia Holter maintains her dreamy aesthetic while bringing some beautifully arranged horns and strings.


Julia Holter – “Maxim’s I”

The new track from experimental musician Julia Holter is something of a marriage between the forlorn “World” and the lush “In the Green Wild,” the first two singles taken from her upcoming LP Loud City Song. “Maxim’s I” is a multi-phased song that begins ominously with sparse instrumentation and an overwhelming graininess, but this ultimately gives way to arrangements that have an expansive, almost fantastical post-rock quality to them. The song is accompanied by a fittingly grainy music video comprised of in-studio photographic stills.

Loud City Song is due for release on August 20 via Domino Records.

Also, Julia recently dropped a music video for the track “Our Sorrows,” which is a cut that appeared on her previous album. Watch below:

Julia Holter – “In the Green Wild”

Julia Holter has a dropped a new song and video for her upcoming album Loud City Song, which is due out on August 20th via Domino. “In the Green Wild” is the second glimpse Julia has given us of the LP–the first was the somber and spacious “World” back in May.

This second single is a considerably more upbeat affair. Here, Julia’s vocals are more whimsical than wearied, and the instrumentation is not nearly as sparse as it was in “World.”  The sly upright bass and exotic percussion that the track opens with give way to an epic, string-kissed second half that manages to be simultaneously explosive and ethereal. Enjoy!

Julia Holter- “Moni Mon Amie”

Julia Holter has released a video for one of the dreamiest tracks on her new album, “Moni Mon Amie”. It has some nice light synthesizers laced throughout as well as some ambient effects. Lyrically, the song touches down on envy and jealousy, which have a direct impact on the visuals here in the video.

The video features Julia sitting at a desk answering calls like a secretary while another woman played by Julia does strange things to the field of vision. The objects on the secretary’s desk change frequently while the camera perspectives constantly shift. It is an interesting piece of visual art, which director Yelena Zhelezov says is about a person’s perception of the world while they long for the unattainable.

Julia Holter- “Marienbad”

This is the first time I’m hearing of California singer-songwriter Julia Holter, but the forthcoming album the above song comes from is not her first rodeo. From what I understand, this will be her second official album, and it’s titled Ekstasis.

Hopefully, all the songs on this album are as charming as “Marienbad,” which features a shy, stripped-down introduction and Julia’s chilly winter vocals. About a minute and thirty seconds in, the song hits a groove and growing instrumentation come together to create an atmosphere that feels sort of indebted to Kate Bush. The finale is pretty beautiful as well. It’s the sound of sweet modesty, amplified by a wash of reverb effects.

Look for this Julia Holter album in March via RVNG International.