MF DOOM and Jneiro Jarel drop some weird visuals on the new video “GUV’NOR” right here. Look for the duo’s new album Key to the Kuffs on Lex Records. Check a review right here.

JJ DOOM- Key to the Kuffs

After several years consisting of a handful of features and tracks, MF DOOM is finally back with a full-length album. This time, he’s spitting over a series of instrumentals from Jneiro Jarel.


JJ DOOM- “Rhymin Slang”

August 21st is almost here, which means the release of DOOM’s new collaborative project with Jneiro Jarel is almost here as well. JJ DOOM’s new LP, Key to the Kuffs, from what I understand, will be nothing but straight spitting from DOOM and production from Jarel.

“Rhymin Slang” is the newest track to drop from the project, look for this thing to be released on Lex Records.

JJ DOOM- “Guv’nor”

A new track from the forthcoming collaborative album consisting of rhymes from the metal-faced MC known as (MF) DOOM, and production from Jneiro Jarel. Check the track list for the LP below, and look for this thing to be released on the 20th of August.

1. Waterlogged
2. Guv’nor
3. Banished
4. Bite the Thong [ft. Damon Albarn]
5. Rhymin Slang
6. Dawg Friendly
7. Borin Convo
8. Snatch That Dough
9. GMO [ft. Beth Gibbons]
10. Bout the Shoes
11. Winter Blues
12. Still Kaps [ft. Khujo Goodie]
13. Retarded Fren
14. Viberian Sun Pt. II
15. Wash Your Hands


Last year, my favorite metal-faced MC, DOOM, was set to release a collaborative album with the one and only Ghostface Killah. Sadly, it didn’t pan out.

Now, DOOM is teasing us with a new track from a different project. It’s being titled JJ DOOM, which is due to the inclusion of music producer Jneiro Jarel. Jarel is no stranger to collaboration, having taken on projects involving TV On the Radio, Damon Albarn, and even Massive Attack.

On this first track to drop from the project, “BANISHED,” Jneiro certainly did a great job of tailoring his work to DOOM’s lo-fi, gritty style of beat production. On the DOOM side of things, well, the dude pulls out a flow that his listeners aren’t accustomed to hearing. I say “accustomed” because most of DOOM’s music features roughly the same flow, and even he sounds a little unused to rapping in it on this studio track.

Still, there are some funny lines being dropped here and there, and the song is weird enough to keep me stoked for hearing this forthcoming record, KEY TO THE CUFFS. Keep your eyes peeled for the album on Lex Records later this year.