The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet – Fire Keeper

Digging on some fiery jazz rock from this new Daniel Rosenboom Quintet album, Fire Keeper. The kinetic energy in the performances on this thing is m-a-s-s-i-v-e. The production is a little flat at times, but the performances are just stellar throughout.

Shivers – Self-Titled

Dark ambient, jazz, noise, and a strong sense of uncontrollable fear come together on this new, self-titled Shivers album. The trio features the musical input of Rutger Zuydervelt, Gareth Davis and Leo Fabriek. They’ve collaborated before, but this is the first time they’re doing so under this particular name. The final result, a.k.a. this album, is challenging, but surprisingly brief in its length. It would seem these guys wanna get straight to the heart of what these noisy, drone-jazz fusions are all about.

Look for this album on Miasmah.

Courageous Endeavors – Prototype

Courageous Endeavors is a modern jazz quartet from Minneapolis whose members fancy themselves “the Twin Cities’ answer to the relevance of jazz in the 21st century.” I’d say with this debut album of theirs, Prototype, they live up to that. If you’re looking for some powerful modern jazz (besides BBNG), absolutely give this thing a listen. The playing is tight throughout, and the group is capable of delivering some breathtaking climaxes, perhaps the highlight being “Legends,” whose music video you can watch here. Check it out above - you’re bound to get the feels!

Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD – “SIX DEGREES” ft. Danny Brown

Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah, Danny Brown, and the Toronto jazz fusion trio BADBADNOTGOOD all on the same track? Legendary. Just legendary!

This track is basically a new 10″ single that’s being released by Lex Records. Also, make sure you’re caught up on the new BADBADNOTGOOD record.

Blitz the Ambassador – Afropolitan Dreams

Brooklyn-based hip hop artist Blitz the Ambassador has a new album out called Afropolitan Dreams that you should absolutely check out if you like your rap with a world music zest. The record is out now via Berlin’s Jakarta Records, and its 12 tracks boast a mix of afro-beat, jazz, and highlife sounds that is sure to satisfy lovers of worldbeat. Enjoy!

If you dig this, I direct you to his sophomore full-length Native Sun, as well.

Merkabah – Moloch

Noise, progressive rock, and jazz come together on this new Merkabah album, Moloch. I’m just starting to listen to this thing, and am pretty stunned by how tight, twisted, and volatile these songs are. There’s some serious excitement in these tracks. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!


Stream this nearly indescribable album from Czech music duo DVA titled NIPOMO. It seems to mix elements of jazz, noise, and indie pop with and a general sense of absurdity that makes this collection of tracks a fun listen. And as over-the-top as they may be, I find the vocals really cute at points. It’s like DVA has been able to embrace the quaintness of Belle & Sebasian or kawaii j-pop without losing sight of adventure. Enjoy!

Bohren & Der Club of Gore – “Ganz Leise Kommt Die Nacht”

German gloom jazz quartet Bohren & Der Club of Gore have a new album out of some more of the moodiest “fahrstuhlmusik” (elevator music) you’re likely to ever hear. It’s called Piano Nights, and above you can check out the fittingly surreal and noir-style music video for cut “Ganz leise kommt die Nacht,” starring sax and keys player Christoph Clöser. Good night.


Toronto jazz fusion trio BADBADNOTGOOD is getting ready to drop their third full-length album this year, and they’ve just sounded the alarm with the release of a new track titled “CS60.” Even the description box attached to this new song is virtually empty–well, except for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”–which drives me absolutely nuts. It’s only because the song leaves me with so many questions, though. For example, where did all of these fantastically lush sounds come from? Is the band working with a slew of guest musicians now? Who is producing?

All I know right now is I’m excited to hear the band approach instrumentation more ambitiously, because the results are sounding great so far!

Xiu Xiu – Nina

Most tribute albums don’t go over that well, and I can’t make a promise that you’ll think Xiu Xiu’s Nina is an exception. However, from where I’m standing, this collection of recordings is incredibly twisted, bizarre, beautiful, and moving.