Aesop Rock – The Blob

Out of the damn blue, Aesop Rock drops a 30-minute collection of unreleased beats, loops, and sonic oddities that haven’t made his commercial releases. It’s a pretty colorful collection of tracks, honestly. It’s just as lo-fi and idiosyncratic as I’d expect. It’s kinda like a Tobacco or Black Moth Super Rainbow album, but without the incessant psychedelia vibe. Enjoy, and download the Blob here.

Tycho – Awake

Tycho makes the transition from hazy bedroom producer to what almost sounds like a full instrumental rock band on this latest record of his.

Surock – Suck My Disk

Music production has come a long way since the 80s, and it’s sometimes hard to imagine how so many beloved joints were produced on such rudimentary equipment. Case in point: The SP-1200. Of course, this drum machine and sampler that was more advanced than the hardware that preceded it, but it’s funny to think this thing had only about ten seconds of sampling time at its disposal. These days, we can sample anything for as long as we’d like. The limitations seem to be endless, and advancements like this tend to make us forget what things were like prior. Despite obvious limitations, the buttons on the SP-1200 were smashed by too many legendary producers to name, and its abilities were put to use in a variety of different genres, too.

This is how all of this is relevant: What’s been embedded above is a new album of instrumentals from up-and-coming producer Surock, and he stuck faithfully to the 1200 for every single track here. As a result, the beats here have a warm, gritty tone. The dude’s sampling is tight as well, and there’s a variety of vibes that come across in these beats, too. Give ‘em a stream, and enjoy!

Sadsic – Self-Titled

The new Sadsic album is one of the heartiest collections of beats that you’ll come across this year, featuring over an hour’s worth of psychedelic, kick-heavy odds ‘n’ ends.

Mogwai – “The Lord Is Out of Control”

As I’ve said, famed experimental rock outfit Mogwai is going to be dropping a new full-length album early next year via Sub Pop records.

The band has recently dropped another track from this forthcoming LP via the music video embedded above. Enjoy!


“Ave. B” has got to be my favorite cut from this new SNSCRN EP, and you can stream it via the Bandcamp widget above. The track’s hip hop-style groove, scurrying hi-hats, and playful vocal sampling make it a standout on this incredibly short EP, Lips. The harmonies created by the rushes of synths that occur throughout the background of the song are a wonderful touch as well. Enjoy!

Sadsic – Self-Titled

Beatmusic producer Sadsic psychedelically blends elements of drum ‘n’ bass, hip hop, wonky, IDM, and more into this menagerie of tracks from the self-titled album embedded in the widget above. It’s a pretty dizzying group of songs, and are loaded with nutty samples, infectious grooves, and detailed rhythms. Enjoy!

Flume – “Intro” ft. Stalley

Australian producer Flume has a new mixtape dropping tomorrow that features nine new tracks with some pretty huge features. Ghostface Killah, How To Dress Well, Freddie Gibbs, and Killer Mike are a few among the many MCs featured on this thing, and Ohio rapper Stalley actually drops a pretty impassioned verse on this piano-fueled intro to the project. Enjoy!

Snake Oil – “Forget the Year of Fevers”

Later this month, the 10-piece Connecticut instrumental rock outfit Snake Oil will be releasing its sophomore LP, The Train Is White & The Moon Is Strong. Above, check out album cut “Forget the Year of Fevers,” a bright, psychedelic, and jazzy jam with a simple, yet infectious groove. It’s absolutely euphoric, and thankfully, the band’s typically pristine production continues to be a huge selling point. Enjoy!

The Train Is White & The Moon Is Strong is due out October 15 via the band’s Snake Oil Sounds label. Check out a review of its self-titled debut here:

3:33 – “BB-2″ / “BB-8″

With each new track I hear, I’m convinced that 3:33 is the darkest beatmusic project out there. The stuff 3:33 produces is nothing but chills, torture, muck, and shadows. The two tracks embedded above are hellish examples from the forthcoming album, Bicameral Brain, which will be out on October 29th on Parallel Thought. Enjoy!