Godflesh – World Lit Only By Fire

Godflesh hits the reset button and gets back to their roots on their first album in over a decade.

Paula Temple – “DEATHVOX”

This Paula Temple track is about to make me lose it! Seriously!

This electronic music producer currently hails from Berlin, and the track embedded above is the first cut off her new EP on R&S Records. It’s a primal presentation of techno and industrial rhythms. These beats are encased in some distorted, shrill synth leads and monolithic vocal manipulations. It sounds too primeval to be new, but too synthetic to come from the stone age. A sonic anachronism!

I can vibe with any producer who can successfully conjure some raw, visceral rhythms, and Paula is showing a real knack for that already! Try out the b-side of the EP right here.

The Bug – Angels & Devils

The Bug delivers a new album that reads more like two decent EPs.

Sudanim – “Pleasure Flood”

A piece of chilling auditory excellence from producer, dj, and co-head of Her Records, Sudanim. The track is absolutely freaky, and manages to stir some really frightening emotions in its 3-minute runtime.

I’m loving the metallic, primal rhythms, for one. It’s like a combination of a factory floor machinery and the kind of drum circles you’d only find in the thickest of jungles. On top of this, Sudanim lays some incredibly twisted, high-pitched wails that I could even begin to guess the origin of.

I’m not sure where all of this is coming from, but hell is clearly where it’s going! Enjoy.


i.o – Edit Architect

Get ready for a challenging listen on this one! This i.o album titled Edit Architect is a dense, tangled web of multi-tracked guitars, relentless drums, and whatever other glitches this Victoria-based bedroom recording project manages to throw into the works.

It’s like a fusion of free jazz, math rock, and the avant-garde. Give a listen and enjoy!

Godflesh – Decline and Fall EP

Famed industrial metal outfit Godflesh is back with a new EP, which I understand is just a taster for an album that’s to come later this year titled A World Lit Only By Fire. It’ll be the band’s first record in over ten years, and they’re sounding heavier than ever on this new EP, so I’m seeing no reason to be disappointed so far! Enjoy!

Ben Frost – A U R O R A

The new Ben Frost album is harsh as well, but the musical compositions behind the noise fail to be gripping.

Yvette – Process

So many sounds coming together on this upcoming full-length from Yvette. This is truly a twisted display of noise rock, industrial, and no wave. I’d say there are some gothic undertones worked into the mix as well–especially on tracks like “Everything In Reverse.”

The band’s approach to sound manipulation is absolutely grating, frightening, but there’s a clear appreciation for melody at some points here, too. Yvette knows when to seduce, and knows when to overwhelm, I think. Not completely sure yet, because I need to dive into this album further. It’s been an overwhelming ride so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Pick up the album next week via Tough Love or GODMODE if you’re into the stream.

Evian Christ – “Waterfall”

Evian Christ’s typically dark, moody production sounds like it’s been infused with power electronics or industrial on this new track titled “Waterfall.” The massive drops of bass sound fantastic against the really eerie, atmospheric synth leads playing throughout this track. He progressively builds the track into this mountain of low-end mayhem that’s both frightening and cathartic.

Check a review for the compilation he dropped a few years ago below:

Odonis Odonis – “New Obsession”

Odonis Odonis are ready to deliver another round of anthemic post-punk on upcoming album Hard Boiled Soft Boiled. However, the LP is apparently split into two halves, with the first being decidedly more hard-hitting than the second. Like the lead single, “Are We Friends,” this new track, “New Obsession,” is taken from the Hard Boiled side, with a composition that fuses thudding industrial with clamorous post-punk. It’s another killer song, and hopefully we’ll get a taste for the Soft Boiled side before the album drops April 15 (via Buzz Records).