Evian Christ – “Waterfall”

Evian Christ’s typically dark, moody production sounds like it’s been infused with power electronics or industrial on this new track titled “Waterfall.” The massive drops of bass sound fantastic against the really eerie, atmospheric synth leads playing throughout this track. He progressively builds the track into this mountain of low-end mayhem that’s both frightening and cathartic.

Check a review for the compilation he dropped a few years ago below:

Odonis Odonis – “New Obsession”

Odonis Odonis are ready to deliver another round of anthemic post-punk on upcoming album Hard Boiled Soft Boiled. However, the LP is apparently split into two halves, with the first being decidedly more hard-hitting than the second. Like the lead single, “Are We Friends,” this new track, “New Obsession,” is taken from the Hard Boiled side, with a composition that fuses thudding industrial with clamorous post-punk. It’s another killer song, and hopefully we’ll get a taste for the Soft Boiled side before the album drops April 15 (via Buzz Records).

Have a Nice Life – “Dan and Tim, Reunited by Fate”

This new track from Connecticut experimental rock duo Have a Nice Life is epic, but in the sort of abject way you might expect from the outfit after their monumental, crushing 2008 LP Deathconsciousness. As the title of the song might suggest, frontmen Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga are reunited and neither of them is skipping a beat. The first half of the song is a gloomy dirge of whirring guitar and industrial electronics that backdrops the duo’s purposefully distant, echoing vocals and that gives way to a protracted coda of yet more industrial textures.

For the evocative vocals and for managing to come across as a sort of self-contained story, “Dan and Tim, Reunited by Fate” has me brimming with excitement for the twosome’s upcoming sophomore LP The Unnatural World, due out February 4 via The Flenser. For the time being, it is available to stream in full here via Pitchfork Advance.

Phuture Doom – Self-Titled LP

An interesting fusion of electro house, industrial rock, black metal, and more on this new Phuture Doom album. Plenty of hard-hitting tracks on this thing. Enjoy!

Årabrot – “The Story of Lot”

“The Story of Lot,” the last single from Norwegian noise rock collective Årabrot, is a left-field turn from an already left-field band.  The 15-minute piece is comprised of Kjetil Nernes recounting the Bible’s tale of the drunken, incestuous title character over a propulsive, lurching bassline that amasses harsh electronic noise and feedback as it progresses. With this track, the band has effectively veered into industrial territory, and it’s glorious to hear the genre performed with some teeth again.

“The Story of Lot” will take up much of Årabrot’s new EP, Murder As Art, out today via Red Eye.


Death Grips – Government Plates

While Death Grips’ Government Plates might be one of the most aggressive releases to come from the experimental hip hop trio, it’s also one of their most forgettable, repetitious, short-winded, and half-baked.

Haunted Horses – Watcher

The Industrially tinged noise rock act Haunted Horses has come through with one of the heaviest and overwhelming records I’ve heard in this genre in 2013.

Haunted Horses – “White Eyes”

Seattle punk duo Haunted Horses have a new LP out titled Watcher. The two describe their industrial-tinged compositions as “satanic space jams,” which makes perfect sense upon listening through Watcher. You can check out the album’s closing track, “White Eyes,” above. Revel in the post-apocalyptic punk magic!

Watcher is out now, and can be streamed here via the duo’s Bandcamp page.

Kangarot – Nursery of New Stars

Experimental musician Josh Reed, a.k.a. Kangarot, has a new tape out via Headway Recordings. With its stuttering synth phrases, thudding drum machine sequences, and distorted vocal samples, Nursery of New Stars is an enthralling industrial odyssey. Stream it in full above!

Gesaffelstein – “Pursuit”

Next month, French techno musician Gesaffelstein will be dropping his long-awaited debut album, Aleph. In the meantime, check out his artsy and unsettling video for lead single “Pursuit,” a song that superbly showcases his decidedly aggressive brand of EDM.

Aleph is scheduled for release on October 28 via EMI.