Deerhoof – “Exit Only”

Beloved indie rock vets Deerhoof have recently announced the release of a new album that will be dropping via Polyvinyl records this year. The title: La Isla Bonita. The release date: November 4th. PSYCHED! PUMPED!

“Exit Only” is the first track the band has seen fit to release from the upcoming album, but I’ve actually heard the rest of this release already. I ain’t saying that to try to get you pissed off at me or nothin’, but I can confirm that there are at least a few tracks on this record that follow suit in the heavy, riff-laden vibe of “Exit Only,” which is easily one of the most hard-hitting songs in the band’s growing discography.

As far as the vibe or style of this song, well, it’s Deerhoof. The band’s got one of the most idiosyncratic approaches to music today. Greg’s tight fills, Satomi’s absurdist lyrics, and the group’s typically strange melodies and grooves all ring through on this new cut. The most noticeable difference is how heavy the song feels for Deerhoof, which I don’t mind at all. BRING IT ON!

My Brightest Diamond – None More Than You

Singer-songwriter Shara Worden presents an appetizing teaser before the release of her new full-length album.

Oh, Rose – That Do Now See EP

This new EP from Olympia indie rock trio Oh, Rose is a lovely, pretty haunting little project. For the most part, That Do Now See proffers a particularly moody, lo-fi brand of folk-tinged rock, but the spare instrumentation and frontwoman Olivia Rose’s vocals rise above their subdued tendencies for the opener “Prom” and penultimate track “Luke Rose” for electrifying results. Still, the understated majority of the five songs manages to be alluringly forlorn; Rose having a nice timbre to her voice that suits the murky recording and dim instrumentation.

If you dig this, do check out their previous effort, last year’s four-track EP A Date at the Guest House.

Tony Molina – Dissed and Dismissed

While the incredible brevity of this new Tony Molina record makes it a little gimmicky, the infectious melodies and breakup album concept are enough to make me overlook that most of the time. If you like your power pop rough and punk-influenced, give this a listen.

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – Enter The Slasher House

Next week, Animal Collective’s Avey Tare is dropping a new album with Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks (featuring Angel Deradoorian from Dirty Projectors and Ponytail’s Jeremy Hyman) called Enter the Slasher House. You can stream the whole project above via YouTube. The visual stream sets trippy, carnivalesque imagery to the music, which is filled to the brim with sticky, often noisy psychedelic pop and kooky sound effects and filters. Happy listening!

Enter the Slasher House is due out April 8 via Domino. Check out our review of Avey Tare’s 2010 solo debut Down There here:

Real Estate – Atlas

Like usual, the new Real Estate records is an incredibly breezy jangle pop affair.

Future Islands – “A Dream of You and Me”

This passionate, smooth little piece of indie rock comes courtesy of Future Islands. Their new single “A Dream of You and Me” has a really appealing sensitivity to it, especially in the lead vocal’s just-on-the-brink-of-quavering sincerity. The bright guitar, bass, and keyboard tones add a playful element to the proceedings, everything combining to make an emotive, catchy track. It’s accompanied by some slightly abstract images that move along in what looks like stop-motion.

Future Islands’ new record Singles is out March 25 via 4AD.

HAIM – “If I Could Change Your Mind”

I’m astounded by the level of bad-assery this new HAIM video reaches. But just what is it that makes it so damn captivating? The concept is simple – the three sisters are moving along (choreography courtesy of Fatima Robinson) to Days Are Gone cut “If Could Change Your Mind,” an earworm if there ever was one. And there’s little in the way of set design; the glowing “HAIM” sign being the only piece, really. Of course what decor there is, it’s all very, very retro.

But HAIM’s execution, as always, is what keeps things from becoming that awful kind of “sickeningly retro.” The sisters aren’t romanticizing the past for the sake of it or because it’s in style. Frankly, they look a little dorky doing their thing in this video. Still, when Danielle pops the collar of her leather jacket here, you’d better believe it’s a sincere gesture. Really, this video as a whole is a sincere gesture – the HAIM sisters are making the music they want to make and you can tell they’re having a blast dancing to it.

And most importantly, they look completely assured. If you don’t wish you were up on that stage dancing along with them; well, tough shit – it’s your loss.

Pile – “Special Snowflakes”

Indie rock outfit Pile drops the a-side to a new single that’s on the way, and it’s a good’n. While the instrumentation may seem straightforward, the band’s emotions and songwriting is always complicated–especially with this new track reaching the 7-minute mark. Enjoy the song above, and check a review of the band’s last full-length below:

Angel Olsen – “Hi-Five”

The new Angel Olsen track, “Hi-Five” is the definition of a “woozy rocker.” The song is driven by a nice, crunchy indie rock groove, and Olsen’s forlorn vocals sure match the looped visuals of the accompanying video – closing with a shot of Olsen apparently strewn across the confetti-covered floor of a venue she just played. Enjoy!

“Hi-Five” is to be featured on Burn Your Fire for No Witness, due out February 18 via Jagjaguwar. Check out our review of 2012′s Half Way Home here: