Iceage – “The Lord’s Favorite”

Denmark’s Iceage have proven themselves to be savvy in numerous fringe genres across their two full-length records: post-punk, goth rock, noise rock. However, this new–and surprisingly melodic–track of their delves unexpectedly into alt-country, it seems. Everything from the guitar chords to the bassline feels distinctly Western, but Iceage performs it in their trademark sloppiness. Like usual, a good song shines through despite the slurring vocals and loosely played instrumentation. Enjoy!

Lower – “Another Life”

Danish post-punk band Lower has dropped a new track in promotion of some North American tour dates that they have pasted onto the cover art for this song. Observe:

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 1.26.34 PM

“Another Life” features some intensely busy drums, noisy guitars, and some really bitter vocals. The end result is enough to have me psyched for the band’s debut full-length. Stream the band’s Walk On Heads EP via the widget below:

Iceage – “Morals” from Copenhagen

Danish punk, post-punk, and noise rock act Iceage releases a session performance of one of my favorite tracks from their latest album, You’re Nothing. Morals” is one of the most ballad-like tracks on the album, and it’s the beautiful piano chords and steady march of the beat that help make it so.

This session performance of the track is both fierce and passionate, and brings a little more intensity than the album version, I think.

Check a review of You’re Nothing below:

Iceage – You’re Nothing

Iceage’s sophomore full-length brings the same downtrodden, depressive ferocity that the band’s last album did, but with a bit more length and diversity. While it’s not exactly progressive, it’s still a blast–just like the debut LP.


Bad Religion, New Order, Just Blaze, Widowspeak, Gold Panda, and more w/the Quickness

Just a quick group of quick and cursory reviews of various songs and releases that I didn’t get a chance to talk about this week. Thank you for watching!


Iceage – “Ecstasy”

Apocalypse punks Iceage have a new video and song out titled “Ecstasy.” I dunno about you, but it looks like these guys hang out with a pretty well-adjusted group of folks.

The band’s sophomore LP, You’re Nothing, will be out via Matador next month. Hear another track from it here.

David Bowie / Iceage / Atoms For Peace / Anamanaguchi / Skrillex w/the Quickness

I talk about new songs and releases from the likes of David Bowie, Iceage, Atoms For Peace, Kitty Pryde, Anamanaguchi, Skrillex, and more!


Iceage – “Coalition” (LOVED)

I TOLD Y’ALL I WAS EXCITED FOR THIS! I TOLD Y’ALL! Well, Danish post-punk outfit Iceage has finally dropped a track from its forthcoming album, You’re Nothing. That’s right, You’re Nothing! Ouch, my feelings! This album will be out on February 19th via Matador Records, and my first impression of the track streaming above is that it’s stellar!

Iceage has toned the noise down a bit, and the reverb, too. They’re sounding a bit rawer, cleaner, and more intelligible. Considering how fast, loose, chaotic, and messy the band’s last album was, I’m surprised this song came together so cleanly–well, relatively.

While “Coalition” does show a more composed side of the band, Iceage is still flexing a lot of muscle between their gruff vocals and distorted guitars. Oh, let’s not forget those drums! Just a great new track from one of punk’s brightest new faces.

Iceage- “IIIIIIII”

A bonus track included with the Japanese pressing of Iceage’s debut full-length, New Brigade. I loved the hell outta that thing, and the bonus song ain’t bad either. Messy, hectic, and energetic.

Iceage- “You’re Blessed”

New video from Danish post-punkers Iceage for the track “You’re Blessed,” which comes off the album New Brigade. It features loads of live footage from the band’s recent tour of the states. Check our review of New Brigade here.