Hot Sugar – Made Man EP

Beatsmith Hot Sugar has always had a quirkier style than most when it comes to production, and it’s great to hear him enlist a gauntlet of MCs that compliment it on his new Made Man EP. Now, is this thing really an EP? I mean, it’s got ten tracks, and it’s almost forty minutes long. It’s almost longer than one of my favorite albums of this year…

Whatever, either way Hot Sugar delivers with some beats that feature some great grooves, colorful synths, and some intentionally low-budget textures. I like that this dude’s instrumentals feel intentionally damaged and grimy, but are also pretty light in mood as well. Made Man is just straight fun.

Also, give a listen to this thing if you’re looking for some new verses from Open Mike Eagle, Heems, KOOL A.D., Big Baby Gandhi, or Antwon. Enjoy!

Also, feel free to check a video for the EP cut “Erica” below:

Hot Sugar – “Erica” ft. The GTW

One of the most underrated producers out there right now just dropped a new music video for the track “Erica,” and it’s just great on all fronts. Not only is a soulful, sensual tune that features a bit of heartbreak, but the song’s got this bitterness to it that’s slightly comedic. Just try not to laugh at lines like “Why’d you quit your only job to be a full-time pain in my ass?” What’s even funnier is the music video concept, which sees Hot Sugar looking aggravated with what looks like one of those RealDolls. I think having his significant other played by an inanimate object plays into the theme of the song as well since the doll is essentially dependent on him to keep the relationship going. Amirite? Enjoy!

Hot Sugar – “And the walls came tumbling down” (demo)

Beatsmith Hot Sugar drops a demo for the track “And the walls came tumbling down.”

The dreary and emotive piano playing sampled on the track was originally featured in this video, but it seems to have now made it into a full-fledged beat, which is getting a release on the forthcoming GOD’s Hand EP. Enjoy!

Hot Sugar- Midimurder

Download: Hot Sugar- Midimurder

I was wondering when this guy was gonna get some significant notice! Beatmusic producer Nick Koenig, a.k.a. Hot Sugar, has been putting together some pretty colorful, vibrant, and hyper-sweet instrumentals for a while now. However, most of what I’ve heard from him hasn’t really been graced by a MC.

That changes on this new EP of his, though. Midimurder not only features some of Hot Sugar’s best instrumentals yet, but the likes of Haleek Maul, Das Racist, and Big Baby Gandhi appear to drop a personality-filled verse or two.

The whole thing is free, downloadable via the link above. Listen and have fun!

Open Mike Eagle- Rent Party Extension

Download: Open Mike Eagle- Rent Party Extension

Los Angeles-based rapper Open Mike Eagle recently dropped a five-track EP that, like many of the best things in life, is free. Titled Rent Party Extension, the EP brings in a handful of features, including Milo, who put out the Loved Listed I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here last year, and Roots collaborator Hot Sugar. The release serves as an appetizer for the full-length that the MC is supposedly putting out in June. In the mean time, check out what Open Mike Eagle calls “grown, broke nerd theme musics” by heading here for a free download. Scope the track list and cover art below:

Track List:
1. 5ree Thinkers (prod. Hot Sugar)
2. Amped (feat. Eagle Nebula) (prod. Alpha MC)
3. Neighbor (prod. Infinity Rock)
4. Boss Fight (feat. Milo)
5. Rent Party Revolution (Taco Neck Remix)

Download Hot Sugar’s New EP

That Hot Sugar EP I teased toward a little while back is finally out and mingling about. The title is Muscle Milk, and the best part is it’s free. If you’re on the lookout for some lo-fi, quirky beatmusic, lend your ears. A few tracks get a little repetitive, but those with guest vocalists are absolutely fantastic. Stream / download the EP at Hot Sugar’s bandcamp. In the meantime, sample my favorite track from it:


Check It Out: Hot Sugar

Cruising the blog-o-sphere yesterday, I came across a beat maestro by the name of “Hot Sugar.” Seems his real name is Nick Koenig, and he’s got a new EP on the way titled Muscle Milk. You can stream a few track of his on, and scope a really odd recording video here; featuring an old man who seemed to be painted–or tattooed–from head to toe.

Kinda excited.