The Hotelier – Home, Like NoPlace Is There

While the Hotelier’s latest effort stays true to the emo archetype, and delivers some good production, the band’s approach still remains pretty nondescript for the genre.

Nosaj Thing – Home

Nosaj Thing’s sophomore album still has the soft, quaint sounds fans have enjoyed previously from California producer Jason Chung, but with a serious decline in the hip hop vibes that radiated so boldly off of 2009′s Drift.


Nosaj Thing – “Safe”

Electronic music producer Nosaj Thing is dropping a new full-length album next week via Innovative Leisure titled Home. “Safe” is one of the tracks from it, and it’s a beautifully crafted piece of nocturnal bliss.

The warm and synthetic tones, subtle percussion, and spacey vocal cuts all compliment each other really well. Nosaj Thing isn’t exactly pushing the envelope in terms of ingredients, but the resulting meal is infectiously mellow.