Holly Herndon – “Chorus”

Electronic music experimentalist Holly Herndon has a new 12″ that’s dropping this week via RVNG Intl. titled “Chorus.” As to be expected, this track is loaded with some adventurous vocal manipulations bustling percussion. It’s hard to put this track into words, it’s hard to make sense of it, it’s hard to pin down exactly what’s going on here. All I can truly say is I feel as if I’m being surrounded with a swarm of sounds I can’t grab onto long enough to truly get a feel for. That might not sound appealing on the surface, but I assure that this so-called swarm comes together in the most beautiful way possible.

Also, props to Akihiko Taniguchi on the direction of this video attached to “Chorus,” and check a review for Herndon’s latest full-length LP below:

Holly Herndon @ Boiler Room

Video of producer / DJ Holly Herndon performing at the Boiler Room. It’s not the most accessible Boiler Room set you’ll see; it actually takes Holly about twelve minutes to present some semblance of a steady beat. However, it’s still pretty awesome to see her perform the mind-bending strangeness of her debut album live.

Find a review for Herndon’s perplexing Movement here. Listen to the audio of this set here.

Holly Herndon- “Movement”

A strange and body-centric video for the Holly Herndon track “Movement,” which comes from the electronic adventurer’s new album of the same title. Check a review of it here.

The visuals were directed by Mat Dryhurst, and find Herndon on the RVNG Intl. label.

Holly Herndon- “Movement”

Though Holly Herndon’s debut LP doesn’t have much in terms of consistency or length, this sonic experimentalist puts together some extremely interesting soundscapes, techno oddities, and vocal manipulations.


Holly Herndon- “Dilato”

Sonic experimentalist Holly Herndon’s latest collection of tracks, Movement, is out now via RVNG Intl., and the track streaming above is one of the stranger moments on it. Featuring a vocal take from Bruce Rameker, Herndon methodically manipulates it in numerous ways over the course of the track. While, at first, it sounds as if the next six minutes will most likely be a bore, what happens here is actually quite eye-widening and oddly gripping.