Black Milk – If There’s a Hell Below

If you loved the last Black Milk album, No Poison No Paradise, as much as Anthony did, then you should be very excited to hear that the Detroit hip hop artist already has a new project out titled If There’s a Hell Below and can conveniently be streamed in full above via his Bandcamp. Check it!

Jay Rock – “Pay for It” ft. Kendrick Lamar

For the second single of his yet-to-be-detailed second album, Top Dawg MC Jay Rock has recruited fellow TDE artist Kendrick Lamar – that name may or may not ring a bell. While K.Dot has certainly been garnering more attention than Jay Rock lately, the latter manages to hold his own here with two solid verses. With this and lead single “Parental Advisory” earlier this month, we’re relatively hopeful about the prospect of a new Jay Rock album, whenever it’s finally announced.

Lil Wayne – “Gotti” ft. The Lox

With the fifth installation of Tha Carter getting pushed back to December, Southern rapper Lil Wayne has dropped yet another single. The title: “Gotti,” and it features an intro verse from The Lox.

While the screaming guitar chords and “same time Gotti got” refrain is a little corny, it’s really the verses here where Lil Wayne is sounding more coherent and focused than he has in years. Bar after bar, Wayne gets a little nostalgic over his childhood and rise in the hip hop industry. While not a perfect song, it’s a welcome change of pace from the material he’s been dropping lately. Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope for Carter V afterall.

Girl Talk and Freeway – “Suicide” (Remix) ft. A$AP Ferg

Girl Talk and Freeway drop an animated video featuring a load of Simpsons-esque characters for the song “Suicide,” and that’s not all: This is also a remix of the song, featuring a verse from none other than A$AP Ferg right at the start of the track. Freeway’s verse is fresh as well. The beat doesn’t seem like it’s been altered in any significant way, but it’s still a great revisit of the Broken Ankles cut, which you should download right here.

Run The Jewels – “Blockbuster Night Pt. 2 ft. Despot & Wiki

Run the Jewels drops a bonus track from their recently released–and very awesome–sophomore album, Run The Jewels 2. It seems to be the second part of the album cut “Blockbuster Night Pt. 1,” and features guest verses from Despot and Ratking member Wiki.

It’s a hot track. The beat’s got a heavy, stuttering groove, and some strangely noisy DJ cuts, too–if those sounds at 1:15 even are DJ cuts. El-P and Killer Mike are great as usual, and the guest verses match the tone of the song really well.

If you’re digging on this, grab a copy of the new Run The Jewels album over here.

Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels 2

El-P and Killer Mike team up for an even more ambitious Run the Jewels record!

Logic – Under Pressure

Maryland rapper Logic releases his commercial debut.

Vince Staples – Hell Can Wait

West Coast rapper Vince Staples draws up some of his best singles yet on the Hell Can Wait EP.

Sir Michael Rocks – Banco

The Cool Kids’ Sir Michael comes together with a pretty fun album on Banco.

OG Maco – “U Guessed It”

Is it safe to say Death Grips‘ influence is felt outside of the experimental and industrial hip hop scene yet? Of course! And this new OG Maco track is yet another instance.

With a flow and instrumental vibe that isn’t too unlike “Guillotine,” this Atlanta rapper flips out on the beat repeatedly. It’s like listening to a cross between MC Ride and Waka Flocka Flame, and Kudos on Maco for getting 2 Chainz on the remix.

Maco’s actually got a new tape out that’s worth checking. Sadly, he doesn’t keep up this kind of insanity on every track. However, he’s still got an energy level that surpasses that of most MCs these days.