Kendrick Lamar – “The Blacker The Berry”

TDE’s Kendrick Lamar gives us another taste of his forthcoming album with “The Blacker the Berry.” It’s a lyrically nuanced portrayal of one character’s reaction to the racial tensions that boiled over for much of 2014.

Open Mike Eagle – A Special Episode Of EP

Hellfyre Club’s Open Mike Eagle follows his excellent 2014 LP up with a solid EP.

Lupe Fiasco – Tetsuo & Youth

With what might be his final project with Atlantic Records, Lupe Fiasco releases his most conceptual and headiest album in years, backing these tracks up with an instrumental set that’s a step above what he delivered on his two previous LPs.

Joey Bada$$ – B4.DA.$$

New York rapper Joey Bada$$ meets expectations on his commercial debut.

Death Grips – Fashion Week

Death Grips builds up to the release of it’s supposedly final album with an LP of instrumentals.

A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory

For this latest installment of CLASSICS WEEK 2014, Anthony Fantano takes on a quintessential jazz rap album: A Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory.

Pusha T – “Lunch Money” (Video)

The spacey, otherworldly by Kanye West on Pusha T’s latest single “Lunch Money” makes for the perfect antithesis to Push’s boastful coke rap lyrics, and sets the Virginia emcee up perfectly to release a new album that will make him worthy of being solidified as a true leader of new millennium hip hop. The video is also a practice in ideas that might not at first seem to go together: as Pusha arrogantly mocks the competition, around him is a stripped down, barren, drug-riddled environment dominated by pop lockers and hood rich dope boy decadence. It’s a simplistic and unexpected approach, but it allows the song to take center stage. And at this stage, that’s exactly how it should be as “Lunch Money” makes hip hop heads salivate for Pusha T’s next full-length project.

- Ron Grant

OG Maco – OG Maco EP

With some pretty creative production backing him, Atlanta rapper OG Maco’s exuberance and extreme delivery distract from his need for better lyrics much of the time, but not all the time.

Various Artists – “Detroit vs. Everybody (Official Remix)”

I recently reviewed the new Shady XV compilation with Mr. Steven Francis, and I remember commenting on how much of a letdown the “Detroit vs. Everybody” cut was. While there were come decent verses on the track, the list of featured MCs seemed kind of limited. However, this new official remix fixes that in a big way. I mean, the thing is 16 minutes long, and features over ten rappers.

Really happy Shady saw fit to cast a wider net here, and I think the results speak for themselves.

Death Grips – “Inanimate Sensation”

Death Grips drop a new single to tease toward the second half of their yet-to-be-completed double album, The Powers That B.