Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast

In this latest installation of CLASSICS WEEK 2014, Anthony Fantano visits with Iron Maiden’s breakout album The Number of the Beast.

Mayhem – Esoteric Warfare

Mayhem returns with a new record and an old school black metal sound.

Merkabah – Moloch

Noise, progressive rock, and jazz come together on this new Merkabah album, Moloch. I’m just starting to listen to this thing, and am pretty stunned by how tight, twisted, and volatile these songs are. There’s some serious excitement in these tracks. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Behemoth – The Satanist

Polish metal outfit Behemoth releases one of its best albums in years with the Satanist. It’s powerful, immense, and twisted. Oh, and sorta catchy, too.

Kvelertak – “Evig Vandrar”

Nordic metal band Kvelertak has dropped some stunning visuals for the track “Evig Vandrar,” which is one of the catchier tracks off their sophomore album, Meir. Enjoy, and check a review for the album below! It’s out now on Roadrunner Records.

TOAD – Endless Night

Take Over And Destroy’s new LP has a heavy sound, and takes an occult approach to black, sludge, and death metal that’s both seamless and hellish.


Take Over And Destroy – Endless Night

Holy crap! That’s all I have to say after listening to this short gauntlet of tracks on the new Take Over And Destroy release, Endless Night. In recent years, I’ve run across some really interesting metal fusions, but Take Over And Destroy definitely sticks out to me as being one of the better ones.

I can’t say that the band’s blend of influences is exactly novel: hardcore punk, occult rock, black metal. However, they blend all of these sounds so evenly, it’s difficult to tell where they start and end. Bone crushing riffs, putrid vocals, eerie keyboards, and tortured melodies all mix together for an intense collection of tracks that are brutal and tuneful.

Autopsy – The Headless Ritual

While Autopsy is sounding much heavier on The Headless Ritual, these death metal veterans just didn’t seem to put in the songwriting effort that they did on their last full-length, Macabre Eternal.


Power Trip – Manifest Decimation

Stream: Power Trip – Manifest Decimation

It’s all-out thrash warfare on this new Power Trip album, Manifest Decimation. The LP is out now, and it’s the band’s first album. It certainly feels like it, too; every track on here is relentless and punk-infused. It really sounds like the band has something to prove! Hit the link above for a full stream of the album, and enjoy!

Ghost – Infestissumam

Sweden’s Ghost returns with a new full-length that’s loaded with glitzy production, more details, and longer tracks. It’s the tunes that end up getting lost in translation much of the time.