Prince Po & Oh No – “Toxic”

Like I already told you, Prince Po & Oh No are planning on dropping a new album soon, and “Toxic” is just another reason to be excited for it. Hard bars and harder beats come through on the 2:30 runtime here, and I can’t wait to see how dirty this album can get! Be on the lookout on Feb. 4th. Enjoy!

Calvaiire – Forceps


The Men – “Pearly Gates”

If you can expect anything from New York’s The Men, it’s that you’ll never know what to expect from them.

The band’s discography thus far has been quite the trip, showing no limits in their ability to imitate the sounds of noise rock, post-hardcore, pop rock, and even country. In fact, their foray into that last genre made for my least favorite Men album thus far. That influence rings true in this new track of theirs as well, “Pearly Gates”; however, I think this fiery backwoods rock number is paying off big-time. It’s like what would have happened if the punk movement had somehow preceded Southern, horn-backed bar rock. There’s loads of guitar slingin’, piano bangin’, and horn squealin’ to be had here. Pay close attention, and try not to miss a single second of the action!

Get some more info on the band’s next album via Sacred Bones. Also catch a review for one of the band’s previous albums below:


Stream this new album from Calvaiire courtesy of the Throatruiner Records Bandcamp. If you’re unfamiliar with the label, well, they pretty much deliver what you’d assume from the name.

These guys are a French rock outfit that combines elements of metal and hardcore together into a heavy, frantic, and punishing sonic experience. Loads of feedback, harsh vocals, and some pretty sinister guitar leads play throughout much of this thing. There’s the occasional black metal-inspired chord progression, and there are some pummeling blast beats on this collection of tracks as well. I also like that the band is delivering tracks at a bunch of different lengths, but nothing feels long-winded or too half-baked. Enjoy!

Stuntman – “Bag of Dicks”

Stream: Stuntman – “Bag of Dicks”

Next month, French hardcore outfit Stuntman will drop its third studio album, Incorporate the Excess. The band flaunts its unremitting brutality with lead single “Bag of Dicks,” a song whose title pretty much says it all. It’s an exceptionally ┬áconfrontational three minutes of sharp, noisy grindcore leads; frenzied, whiplash-inducing drumming; and snarled, caustic vocals. Give a listen above if you’re feeling brave!

Incorporate the Excess is due out January 18 via Solar Flare Records.

Soupcans – Parasite Brain

Demented and hellish, the new Soupcans EP does not mess around.

Weekend Nachos – Still

Chicago’s Weekend Nachos has never been a favorite of mine when it comes to the heavier side of modern music. I guess I’ve always felt their sound wasn’t that bold; however, it would be a shame not to share their new full-length of theirs, Still. After all, I was just violently bobbing my head to it’s heavy-as-all-hell grooves just yesterday. If you’re looking for a shot of aggression for aggression’s sake, fit into this thing. Enjoy!

Soupcans – Parasite Brain EP

Scuzzy garage punkers Soupcans have a new EP out that you can stream via the embed above, and it’s gotta be one of the most manic, filthy, and wild collections of songs I’ve heard in this style in a while. The band holds nothing back with brittle guitars, primal drums, and vocals that border on psychotic. Enjoy!

Pretty Mouth – Fears

Toronto experimental rock outfit Pretty Mouth certainly lives up to its creepy name, creating what sounds like a legitimate nightmare on the first track of this new album.

While the band does showcase white a bit of influence from grindcore and noise rock, the vocals on Fears are refreshingly eccentric–even if it’s pretty apparent that these guys were fans of Daughters’ final record.

Stream the record via the widget above, and enjoy!

Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Consciousness

While Toxic Holocaust’s latest album is a fast, hard-hitting combination of thrash metal and punk, I think I prefer their earlier releases due to a total lack of surprises and variety on this one.