Pretty Mouth – Fears

Toronto experimental rock outfit Pretty Mouth certainly lives up to its creepy name, creating what sounds like a legitimate nightmare on the first track of this new album.

While the band does showcase white a bit of influence from grindcore and noise rock, the vocals on Fears are refreshingly eccentric–even if it’s pretty apparent that these guys were fans of Daughters’ final record.

Stream the record via the widget above, and enjoy!

Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Consciousness

While Toxic Holocaust’s latest album is a fast, hard-hitting combination of thrash metal and punk, I think I prefer their earlier releases due to a total lack of surprises and variety on this one.

Armand Hammer – Race Music

Billy Woods and Elucid team up on Race Music to make one of the most dense hip hop albums to come out this year. With seventeen tracks laced with this duo’s esoteric lyricism, this one’s gonna require quite a few replays for maximum enjoyment and comprehension. A few shaky choruses on tracks like “Hand Over Fist” and “Renaissance Garments,” but still a rap album worth reading into!

Toxic Holocaust – “Out of the Fire”

Crusty, apocalyptic, punk-infused thrash metal act Toxic Holocaust is dropping their next album at the end of October, and I couldn’t be more excited given how hard-hitting all the tracks to drop from it have been thus far. “Out of the Fire” features some gruff vocals, ultra-distorted guitars, enthralling grooves, and a badass attitude that’s second to none! Enjoy!

Pusha T – “Nosetalgia” ft. Kendrick Lamar

Pusha T drops another track from his forthcoming album, My Name Is My Name, and with tracks like “Sweet Serenade” and “Numbers On the Boards,” this album is shaping up to be the best things G.O.O.D. Music’s has dropped since its inception.

As usual, Pusha brings a lot of coke talked that’s heavily coded with wordplay and double entendres that make replaying this thing worth it. The sparse guitar-driven beat ain’t bad either. Kendrick Lamar’s verse follows through with the druggy themes, but delivers the kind of vivid storytelling we’ve come to expect from albums like Section .80 and GKMC. Enjoy!

Look for My Name Is My Name on Oct. 8th.

Modern Life Is War – Fever Hunting

Modern Life Is War’s latest album sounds like the band’s four-year hiatus never really happened.


Dead In The Dirt – The Blind Hole

This new Dead In the Dirt album features a fantastically heavy mix, making it some of the most pummeling grindcore and powerviolence you’ll hear this year–even if a number of tracks here come off as slightly unmemorable.


Take Over And Destroy – Endless Night

Holy crap! That’s all I have to say after listening to this short gauntlet of tracks on the new Take Over And Destroy release, Endless Night. In recent years, I’ve run across some really interesting metal fusions, but Take Over And Destroy definitely sticks out to me as being one of the better ones.

I can’t say that the band’s blend of influences is exactly novel: hardcore punk, occult rock, black metal. However, they blend all of these sounds so evenly, it’s difficult to tell where they start and end. Bone crushing riffs, putrid vocals, eerie keyboards, and tortured melodies all mix together for an intense collection of tracks that are brutal and tuneful.

Stream the new Oblivionized / Human Cull Split

One of my favorite extreme music acts from the UK, Oblivionized, has a new split out with Human Cull. Oblivionized brings plenty of brittle, groovy riffs topped with gruesome vocals. On the flipside, Human Cull is heavy, fast, and doesn’t deliver a single track that spans past a minute. Enjoy!

Full Of Hell – Rudiments of Mutilation

What Full of Hell’s new album doesn’t have it length, it makes up for in compromise–or the lack of it, really. The band’s abrasive combination of hardcore punk, sludge metal, and powerviolence is up to bat again on their second full-length, Rudiments of Mutilation, which is out now via A398 Recordings. Stream it via the widget above, and enjoy!