Code Orange – I Am King

While Code Orange’s latest album might feature producer Kurt Ballou’s most crushing production yet, the band hasn’t done much to advance their writing or songcraft.

Armand Hammer – Furtive Movements

Armand Hammer drops a post-album EP of fan-pleasing odds ‘n’ ends.

Vulture Shit – The Joys of Employment

Some freakish, frenzied punk rock on this new Vulture shit EP, which you can stream via the widget above. If you love manic vocals and wild guitars compressed into brief musical blitzkriegs, then this is for you. Enjoy!

Code Orange – “I Am King”

After changing its name earlier this month, Code Orange (formerly Code Orange Kids) announced it will be releasing its sophomore album in a couple of months. It’s called I Am King, and above you can watch the video of its savage title track. Backed by a caustic hardcore soundtrack, the visuals depict some poor guy getting the letters “TOTH” carved into his back. I don’t know what that’s all about, but it’s clear Code Orange  isn’t fucking around. This being the intro to the album, it is looking as though I Am King will be every bit as heavy and ferocious as its predecessor, if not more. Glad to see Converge’s Kurt Ballou reprising his role as producer.

I Am King is due out September 2 via Deathwish. Here’s our take on the band’s last one.

My Fictions – “Mt. Misery” & “Stubborn”

My Fictions is a loud rock four-piece from Lowell, Massachusetts apparently hellbent on pushing hardcore to its limit. They’ll be making their full-length studio debut next month with Stranger Songs. Above, you can check out the opening track “Mt. Misery,” which gives the illusion of a slow-burner with a tension-mounting intro before bursting into a bout of the band’s fast and furious hardcore magic. And below you can hear the thoroughly breakneck and angsty “Stubborn.” These guys sound manic! Looking forward to this LP dropping July 1 (via Topshelf Records).

Trap Them – Blissfucker

Trap Them’s latest record might be loud, but the flavorless production and forgettable riffs do these songs no favors.

Eyehategod – Self-Titled

Famed sludge metal outfit Eyehategod is back with their first album in 14 years.

Young and in the Way – “Be My Blood”

“Blackened crust” has got to be high in the running for nastiest genre name. Not many bands have a high enough filth factor to rise to this descriptor’s occasion, but among the furious few is Young and in the Way. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, the quartet makes music that demands being set to frenetic footage of the band performing so hard that blood covers their faces, the frontman wretching at his reflection in a mirror held by a robed death figure, and naturally, myriad glass shit breaking. At least, that’s the deal with their new single “Be My Blood,” which could be called a treat if you’re into some seriously confrontational music. If that’s the case, check it out above and enjoy!

“Be My Blood” is taken from When Life Comes to Death, due out May 27 via Deathwish. It’s their sophomore LP, after 2011′s I Am Not What I Am.

MONOLITHS. – “No Love” ft. Charlie Mansion (Death Grips Cover)

The Massachusetts rock outfit MONOLITHS. has a pretty diverse set of covers on this new Bandcamp release they’ve recently dropped, and Death Grips ranks among the handful of artists these guys decided to cover. Their song of choice: “No Love,” which is one of the more frighteningly aggressive tracks off the experimental hip hop trio’s NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Even though the verse riffs seem to be off tempo a tick, it’s a pretty interesting rendition. Enjoy!