Diarrhea Planet – “Kids”

Diarrhea Planet release their second single off of I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams on Infinity Cat. For most of the duration of the song, the focus is on the vocals, with an arpeggiated guitar providing a bed for them. At 2:48, the song turns into a guitar-jam, mixing flashy solos with overdriven power. This song is a dynamic, exciting slice of indie-rock.

Hip Hatchet- Joy And Better Days

Hip Hatchet is a country-folk project from singer songwriter Philippe Bronchtein. The tracks on this LP feature some beautifully finger-picked guitar. There’s a decent amount of diversity in instrumentation from track to track, helping to keep every song fresh. Bronchtein is a very descriptive songwriter and really excels at making it feel you are there with him in these places and situations he describes. This lyrical ability combined with a vocal delivery that gives him an overwhelming sense of wisdom makes this an album worth checking out.

Stream the band’s new album, Joy and Better Days, above.


Sleigh Bells- Reign of Terror

Sleigh Bells’ latest album features a high-fidelity recording quality that makes its sound much more palatable than the music on the duo’s debut album, Treats. But beyond that, the band hasn’t changed its tune all that much.