Stream the new Oblivionized / Human Cull Split

One of my favorite extreme music acts from the UK, Oblivionized, has a new split out with Human Cull. Oblivionized brings plenty of brittle, groovy riffs topped with gruesome vocals. On the flipside, Human Cull is heavy, fast, and doesn’t deliver a single track that spans past a minute. Enjoy!

Stream Exhaustion’s Demo

Exhaustion is causing me to make a total mess of my living room, they have found just the right dirty, power fused, and grinding sound that can awaken that sort of energy.

There was a reason that when these ex-members of UK metal band Throats came together they called themselves Exhaustion, and trust me when you are done listening to this EP you will fully understand why. The guitars are noisy and constantly thrashing along into swirling messes that can only bring images of the most violent circle pits to mind. The decidedly distorted howls of the lead singer blending into all of the wild instrumentation just makes it all the more satisfying. When it comes to making relentless metal, Exhaustion seems to have it figured out, and they bring it fast and hard without relent.

Confine – Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere

UK grindcore outfit Confine, which features Oblivionized member Zac Broughton, has a new EP out, and you can stream it via the widget above. It’s fast, brutal, grimy, hard-hitting, and doesn’t let up for a single moment. Enjoy!

Knelt Rote- Trespass

Utterly heavy, gruesome, and relentless is the new Knelt Rote album, which you can stream via the Bandcamp widget above.

Anaal Nathrakh- “Of Fire, and Fucking Pigs”

Extreme metal outfit Anaal Nathrakh has a new album coming out next month via Candlelight Records, and “Of Fire, and Fucking Pigs” is an ear canal-hammering track from it. The title: Vanitas.

AN’s blend of black metal and grindcore is inspiringly potent. Not to say the music is uplifting, but it’s refreshing that they not only pack in grind’s trademark blast beats and intensity, but incorporate some the chilling, yet, beautiful melodies typically found in black metal. There are some moments where the guitars get layered into hellish walls of despair, and the vocals are pretty stomach-churning as well. Bring on the pain, I say.

The Locust- “Sever the Toes”

The Locust – Sever the Toes from TurnStyle Films on Vimeo.

The music video above, which was put together by the good people at TurnStyle, is a promotional for the new Locust compilation. The comp features a mess of hard-to-find and out-of-print songs. Anti- has seen fit to give all this material another issue, and keep the flame burning for one of the most abrasive bands in noise. Good on them.

False Light- Self-Titled

False light is conjuring nothing but blast beats and corpses on this new EP of theirs, which is available as a free download right now on Bandcamp. Try it out via the widget above.

IDYLLS- “Paradise of Blood”

Brisbane band IDYLLS reaches the threshold of grindcore-inspired extremity without beating an eye on “Paradise of Blood,” and the band manages to litter the short and to-the-point sonic assault with some of the most colorful and frenetic guitar phrases I’ve heard in a while. Oddly enough, it reminds me a bit of the band An Albatross back when they were still making some waves.

To put it bluntly, this is just straight up orchestrated chaos. So much detail and planning went into this two-minute assault, but it still comes off feeling like a whirlwind of noise that’s difficult to wrap the mind around.

IDYLLS’ new album, Farewell All Joy is out now. Grab a copy on Bandcamp.

Six Brew Bantha- Self-Titled

Some mosh-inducing powerviolence from the new, self-titled Six Brew Bantha album. Stream it via the Bandcamp widget above. The record is set to be released on To Live A Lie, but its physical release date doesn’t seem to be known at the moment. Soon?

All I know is these guys create a pretty tight and impressive whirlwind of highly enjoyable noise. “Anti-music” indeed!

DNF- “Homesick” / “Hunger Pains”

Featuring members of Touche Amore and Trash Talk, California powerviolence outfit DNF scratches a darker kind of itch. With throttling and heavy riffs and grindcore-style blast beats, these two tracks from the quartet’s new 7″ are an all-out assault. The vocals of lead singer Kyle Takahashi are completely enraging.

Get the 7″ now on No Idea.