Gold Panda – “We Work Nights”

Gold Panda drops another track from the forthcoming Half of Where You Live, which is six minutes of blissful electronics and samples that swell and repeat hypnotically. This UK-based producer has essentially assembled and layered a group of sounds into a kaleidoscopic experience.

Look for this new LP on Ghostly International on June 10th.

Gold Panda – “Brazil”

Following an EP that was a bit of a micro house snoozer, UK electronic music producer Gold Panda is back with a new track that brings the lush, vibrant textures that the beatsmith does so well.

“Brazil” not only colorful with its synth tones, but it’s rhythmically complex with loads of sputtering rhythms places throughout the track. The song is set for release on Gold Panda’s next album, Half of Where You Live, which is looking at a June release on Ghostly. Enjoy!

Check a review for Gold Panda’s Shiner below:

Gold Panda – Trust EP

Via the widget above, stream the latest EP from electronic music producer Gold Panda. Remember him? He’s been pretty busy since the release of Lucky Shiner a few years ago, and Trust is a show of the progression he’s made since, showcasing some smooth and simple microhouse sounds that are sure to seduce.

Look for sampled saxophones, crackles, endless rhythms, and some somber synths as well.

Gold Panda- “Mountain” / “Financial District”

Beatmusic producer Gold Panda has digitally released a brand new single fro Ghostly International, which will be available physically on July 11th. The dude’s 2010 album Lucky Shiner wasn’t one of my favorites of that year, but there’s still a lotta production chops there I can’t deny–especially in the case of these two new tracks.

The track “Mountain” feels like a short visit to some far-off Tibetan monastery, housing some of the most at-peace-with-the-world monks known to man. “Financial District” seems to fit its title as well, feeling much more robotic, calculated, and regimented. The woozy synths hanging in the background are a nice touch as well!


Jesse Boykins III- Way of a Wayfarer

A sweet EP of neo-soul songs from singer Jesse Boykins III. He’s been steadily dropping original tracks and remixes since the summer of 2011. I’m late to the party, but I’m happy to be here now.

Way of A Wayfarer is 6-track release, and it can be downloaded right here. The dude did right to pick up a number of beats from producer Gold Panda, because these instrumentals compliment Boykins’ style really well. He’s got a breathy voice that’s light on the ears, and a smooth sensuality pours out of nearly every song here.

Find Boykins’ site right here.

Stream the Caribou RMX Album

Though it wasn’t one of my 2010 favorites, the new Caribou album, Swim, has been a serious hit with y’all.

Recently, Merge Records release an entire album of Swim remixes. These tracks have been altered beyond recognition by everyone from Nite Jewel to Gold Panda. Stream the entire LP below: