i.o – Edit Architect

Get ready for a challenging listen on this one! This i.o album titled Edit Architect is a dense, tangled web of multi-tracked guitars, relentless drums, and whatever other glitches this Victoria-based bedroom recording project manages to throw into the works.

It’s like a fusion of free jazz, math rock, and the avant-garde. Give a listen and enjoy!

Tobacco – Ultima II Massage

The new Tobacco album is one of the most demented sonic adventures I’ve gone on this year.

Kid Smpl – “Ja”

The previously mentioned Kid Smpl drops another track from his forthcoming Silo Tear EP. The song “Ja” is far noisier than I would have expected given the last track I heard from this Seattle-based producer. “Ja” is just bursting at the seams with distorted, abrasive sounds, yes, still maintains a really dreary mood. The explosive heights this track reaches are epic as well.

Expect Silo Tear via Hush Hush Records on May 5th.

Skrillex – Recess

Famed dubstep producer Skrillex finally drops a full-length record.

Flying Lotus – Ideas+drafts+loops

Download: Flying Lotus – Ideas+drafts+loops

Flying Lotus has announced that he’s entering the mixing stage of his fifth studio album, likely due out early next year. To tide his fans over, he’s shared a free compilation of unreleased material, and because this is FlyLo; the production on these tracks are just as stellar as that of some of the best electronica you’ve heard this year. The tape also has myriad guest artists – among them are Shabazz Palaces, The Underachievers, Until the Quiet Comes collaborator Niki Randa, alter ego Captain Murphy, and Thundercat even turns up on a remix of Kanye’s “Black Skinhead.” Grab it above and enjoy!

Hopefully we’ll be getting another project from Captain Murphy soon, as well. A reminder that his mixtape Duality was one of the most sensational trips of 2012:

Tim Hecker – Virgins

Canadian music producer Tim Hecker returns with a stunning collection of tracks that make for some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard this year.

Frank Bretschneider – “Black.Out”

Check out the new (and possibly seizure-inducing) music video from German electronic musician Frank Bretschneider for the track “Black.Out.” The video simply consists of a series of black and white squares and circles programmed to flash in sync with the track’s incredibly punchy IDM beat. Watch it above!

“Black.Out” is taken from Bretschneider’s latest LPĀ Super.Trigger, out now via Raster-Noton.

Free The Robots – “Adore”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Santa Ana producer and restauranteur Chris Alfaro is about to drop a new full-length this month under his Free The Robots monicker–on the 19th, actually–and “Adore” is one of the fourteen tracks on it.

The Balance is definitely earns its title thanks to its careful mix of glitchy hip hop beats, psychedelic electronics, jazzy samples, and a number of other genre-defying characteristics. “Adore” showcases all of these elements and more with a slow, lovely lead melody backed up with chipmunked background vocals that are cute and charming. There are some ominous vibes lurking around some of the melodies as the song progresses, though! Watch out, and enjoy!

Siriusmo – “Itchy”

German electronic music producer Siriusmo has a new album on the way in June titled Enthusiast, and he’s recently dropped a new track from it, which you can hear via the widget above. It’s a beautifully meticulous track with a hard groove and very jagged melodies I’m enjoying a lot.

I’m also hearing there will be a full-size orchestra on this forthcoming album, which is an exciting change of pace, but Tiny Mix Tapes seems to think the producer may be retiring after this new full-length, which I hope isn’t the case; because the world could use more dance music that’s equally grooving and melodically engaging.

Check a review of Siriusmo’s last full-length here:

Autechre – Exai

Autechre may be coming from the same cold, analytical place they usually do, but Exai shows that their skills for crafting sound are stronger than ever.