OBN IIIs – “No Time For The Blues”

Orville Bateman Neeley (OBN) III has no time for the blues. The Austin frontman is all punk, all day – no bullshit. To call him, with his excited studio persona and writhing stage antics, electrifying would be an understatement; to say his bandmates present a flurry of  barnburning garage-punk grooves would be as much of one. So, I recommend just pressing that play button above and letting the music take you where it may. If you find that the things around you are starting to get broken, like lamps, windows, your monitor, and such – don’t worry; that’s just the OBN IIIs’ magic working.

“No Time for the Blues” is taken from the band’s upcoming album Third Time to Harm, due out May 27 via Tic Tac Totally.

The Scenes – “Anorexia Is Boring”

Finnish rock group The Scenes evidently feel anorexia is boring, but thankfully their music is anything but. This song is catchy, catchy, catchy. The “twiggy” guitar tones, that “woohoo-ooh” falsetto vocal, and my gosh that finale! – they all add up to an unlikely earworm. And of course there’s a good, powerfully-delivered message here: anorexia blows; lead a healthy lifestyle and be cool with your body, y’all. Check the track and its simple B&W music video out above.

“Anorexia Is Boring” is taken from the band’s upcoming LP Beige, which is due out in April via Sound of Finland. Be on the lookout for it!

Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Singer-songwriter Angel Olsen offers a change of pace from her bold, rootsy sound on her last album.

Doomed Boys/Tom Lincolnway – “Werewolf”/”Trepanation”

Doomed Boys (previously Super Minotaur) is a Chicagoan collective of writers, illustrators, and musicians whose art tends to go in an alluringly scuzzy direction. This can be seen in the few drawings they’ve posted to their Facebook, as well as in these two most recent songs they’ve produced. Above, check out the fuzzed-out garage rocker “Werewolf,” and below, give a listen to the latest lo-fi piece from Doomed Boys affiliate Tim McGinn (under his moniker Tom Lincolnway). Enjoy!

Angel Olsen – “Forgiven/Forgotten”

Singer-songwriter Angel Olsen goes electric and heavy on this new track from her forthcoming record, which is set to drop via Jagjaguwar on February 18th! The title of this thing: Burn Your Fire For No Witness. While I’m not huge on this mid-paced, slightly lo-fi garage rock sound, Angel’s intensely passionate vocals still burn through the chaotic production. With a voice like this, I’m game for surprises this album has to offer. Enjoy!

Check a review for Angel’s previous release right here:

Fuzz – Self-Titled

As Fuzz, Ty Segall and Charlie Moothart bring the incredibly high level of distortion and energy you’d expect from a Ty-affiliated album. However, there are a slew of different factors keeping this record from sticking out in Ty’s ever-growing discography: production, songwriting, vocals. All of these things keep Fuzz from feeling like a truly distinct moment–even though Ty and Charlie are shooting for an entirely different style of rock on this record. While I did like much of what Fuzz had to offer, the lack of finer details and ambition keep this LP from having much shelf life for me, honestly.

Crystal Stilts – Nature Noir

New York rock outfit Crystal Stilts come through with an album that shot for a prettier sound, but only delivers about half of the time.

Deerhunter – “Back to the Middle”

Deerhunter has made a music video for the breezy Monomania cut “Back to the Middle.” The grainy, mostly black and white video features a drag-clad Durassie Kiangangu lip-syncing the song and dancing, only cutting briefly to color as we see Kiangangu getting ready in his dressing room.

Monomania is out now via 4AD. You can watch the review of it here:

Crystal Stilts – “Future Folklore”

Considering how much I loved Crystal Stilts’ last album, of course I’m looking forward to their next LP, Nature Noir. The album is looking at a release on Sacred Bones records on September 17th, and this newly released cut titled “Future Folklore” comes off a lot clearer than most of the band’s songs. The things is Crystal Stilts’ recordings are typically layered, smudgy, and a little psychedelic. With a straightforward groove and some raw rock ‘n’ roll guitar leads, “Future Folklore” is one of the Stilts’ most intelligible songs yet. However, I wouldn’t mark it as a bad move. The group definitely comes through with a significant amount of swagger despite their usual deadpan vocal delivery. Enjoy!

Also, check this other Nature Noir track, “Star Crawl.”

Crystal Stilts – “Star Crawl”

One of New York’s trippiest, strangest, and most surreal garage rock acts has announced a new album–title: Nature Noir–and you can stream the first track to drop from it via the embed above. While I wouldn’t exactly call it a “hit,” the band does manage deliver something that’s simultaneously blissful and awkward. Ah, ambivalence!

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