Machinedrum – Vapor City

Though not as much of a bombardment as his previous album, Room(s), Vapor City is a pretty enjoyable and diverse album from electronic music producer Machinedrum. Plus, it features some of his best singles yet!

Zomby – With Love

UK-based electronic music producer Zomby drums up some really evocative, moody atmospheres on With Love, but the lack of variety in his production makes these thirty three tracks wear thin in a quick fashion.


Machinedrum – “Eyesdontlie” (LOVED)

“Eyesdontlie” is the latest single from North Carolina producer Machinedrum, and it’s a tight, busy blend of footwork and future garage. It’s matched with a wonderfully manipulated vocal snippet to that repeats endlessly for a strangely hypnotic effect. Unlike some of the more cluttered tracks from this guy’s last full-length, this new cut is incredibly succinct and punchy! If more tracks like this make it onto Machinedrum’s next album, it’ll definitely surpass his last. Enjoy!

XXYYXX – “Pay Attention”

Up-and-coming electronic music producer XXYYXX drops a new track from what is going to be his next album, and he’s offered up a minimal beat graced with some serenely beautiful synth tones. It’s light, sweet, and making this next release worth anticipating. Enjoy!

James Blake – Overgrown

On James Blake’s latest album, the various sides to his musical personality blend together into a pretty uniform set of tracks that combine detailed electronica, chorus-based songwriting, piano, and Blake’s sharp voice.


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Lapalux – “Moveoutofmyway” ft. ShadowBox

Lapalux drops what I’m assuming is a spare track from his recent full-length effort, Nostalchic. It’s an interesting track that works in multiple phases. Structurally, it definitely throws a few twists and turns at the listener, which is maybe why it didn’t make it onto the LP. Who knows? Either way, Lapalux delivers heavenly vocals set against weird, warped, wonky-style beats and synths. Enjoy!

Check a review for Nostalchic here:

Lapalux – Nostalchic

On Lapalux’s new full-length, the UK producer seamlessly combines elements of future garage, wonky, and contemporary R&B.


Bonobo – The North Borders

On his latest release, Bonobo shows more ambition with some great vocal features and vast, atmospheric production; however, too many tracks on this hour-long release don’t make much of an emotional impact.


Nosaj Thing – Home

Nosaj Thing’s sophomore album still has the soft, quaint sounds fans have enjoyed previously from California producer Jason Chung, but with a serious decline in the hip hop vibes that radiated so boldly off of 2009′s Drift.


Burial- Truant / Rough Sleeper

On this new pair of tracks, dubstep innovator Burial uses gaps and silence to progress his ever-growing interest in longer song lengths and ambient atmospheres.