The War On Drugs – Lost In the Dream

The new War On Drugs album is a winning combination of psychedelic rock, krautrock, folk, and Americana–just like the band’s last album, but better.

Beck – Morning Phase

While the more slow, syrupy side of Beck’s discography appeals to many, it never has to me. Morning Phase shows beck returning to the stomping grounds of albums like Mutations and Sea Change, but with instrumentation and tunes that are far more uninteresting.

Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Singer-songwriter Angel Olsen offers a change of pace from her bold, rootsy sound on her last album.

Timber Timbre – “Hot Dreams”

The eerie Taylor Kirk-led singer-songwriter project Timber Timbre drops a steamy new single titled “Hot Dreams.” The forthcoming album it’s featured on has the same title, too.

I love the slow, retro balladry going on here. It’s the perfect setting for Kirk’s voice. He’s always had a knack for channeling the past, but doing something subtly weird with it. In the case of “Hot Dreams,” it’s the sexual lyricism, which is matched with a pretty NSFW music video–uh, unless you work at a strip club.

While the words here express a lot of lust, there’s a lot of affection and devotion to balance it out, too. It’s an all-around beautiful track. Maybe one of Timber Timbre’s least creepy expressions of love as of late–if you don’t know what I’m talking about, listen to this.

Look for Hot Dreams on April 1st, Check a review for Timber Timbre’s last album below:

Alden Penner – Precession EP

A short, four-track EP from ex-Unicorns member Alden Penner. The Canadian singer-songwriter dropped Precession late last year, and all of these tracks are set to turn up on his forthcoming full-length LP, Exegesis. The release date: February 4th. Enjoy!

Beck – “Blue Moon”

Beck suddenly drops a folky new single, which teases toward his next LP, Morning Phase. The album is currently looking at a February 25th release date, and I’m not entirely sure how excited I am at this point. While One Foot In The Grave–Beck’s freak folk opus–continues to be one of my favorite modern folk albums, the singing and instrumentation on “Blue Moon” is decidedly understated and a bit tame. Hopefully Morning Phase will contain some punchier, more colorful songs, but for now, “Blue Moon” is just a light, likable enough single.

Tara Jane O’Neil – “Elemental Finding”

Trickling vibraphone, lithe strings, and a delicate but assertive voice, this new Tara Jane O’Neil track, “Elemental Finding” makes me officially excited for her new LP, Where Shine New Lights. Every note is perfectly placed, and there is a quiet drone that washes underneath throughout, and the song ambles along unassumingly, slyly cramming itself into your brain. “You will never be my companion,” O’Neil intones, cementing the sadness the instruments all craft so effortlessly.

Listen above and get your minds ready for Where Shine New Lights out January 27, via Kranky.

Marissa Nadler – “Was It A Dream”

Even though she has firmly planted herself as a wonderful, talented indie-folk singer/songwriter, Marissa Nadler’s has not found a larger audience. It’s quite a shame, and her most recent releases attest to that. She has a new record on the way, though, and has just dropped a second song from it, which is quite beautiful. Haunting backing vocals, a lumbering beat, a forlorn electric guitar, and a simple chord progression lead the proceedings. Nadler’s voice is still as stunning as ever, and the melody is deceitfully simple. Her new record is shaping up quite nicely, I’d say, though despite the title, don’t expect a very warm, summery listen.

Stream the song above and keep your eyes peeled for July, out February 4 via Sacred Bones.

Josephine Foster – “I’m a Dreamer”

Folkie Josephine Foster has been pretty busy these past couple years, and now she’s releasing the follow up to last year’s quietly great Blood Rushing. It’s called I’m a Dreamer, and here’s the title track. It has a certain timeless quality, sounding as if it could have come from some distant era but also makes perfect sense for 2013. As always, Foster’s trademark voice is oddly beautiful. Once upon a time that voice seemed like a wild, ungainly thing, but throughout the years she has learned exactly how to use it.

I’m a Dreamer is out November 11 via Fire Records.

Shortstraw – “Couch Potato”

Shortstraw plays a rough but incredibly upbeat brand of indie rock that could only come from a place like Johannesburg. Their new record even features a song for morning people!

As far as “Couch Potato” goes, it’s a winner of an opening track, and has a pretty hilarious, infectious hook. Enjoy!