Egyptr- Self-Titled

How I found out about Egyptr was my good buddy Zach from We Listen For You Tweeted me a minute ago telling me this album was “pure Fantano,” or something like that. I dunno about that. Maybe this is, like, in the 70-80 percentile. I’m just breakin’ balls.

Egyptr has some nice things going on with this self-titled LP. It’s a series of ten loud, cacophonous, angular post-punk tunes that have lead vocals that remind me of the Arctic Monkeys a bit. It’s certainly got a freakish energy to it that I like a lot.

The composition of these songs can be pretty interesting, too. The riffs are written to have such bulky shapes. Some of the intervals they play can be pretty dissonant as well, and horns are occasionally thrown in to add another sour element to the mixture.

This could grow on me.

iamamiwhoami- KIN

Though clearly influenced by artists like the Knife, Portishead, and Björk, iamamiwhoami manages to pull together some very captivating and eccentric synth pop songs on her debut album.


Fever Ray- “Mercy Street” ‡ REVIEW

Stream: Fever Ray- Mercey Street

Fever Ray- “Mercey Street” ‡ STREAM

As many of you may know, I was less than thrilled by the new Knife album Tomorrow, In a Year. Couple that with the assumption Karin Dreijer Andersson would never go back to Fever Ray, and you’ve basically got a depression that lasted me several months.

Luckily, Andersson’s alter still seems to be alive and kicking–especially since announcing the release of a new single on her site yesterday. The track is a sincere and flattering cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street.” Stream it below and compare it with the original here: