Girl Talk & Freeway – Broken Ankles

While I wish Broken Ankles was longer, in five tracks, Girl Talk and Freeway create more compelling material than some of the more buzzed-about mixtapes that have dropped thus far this year.

Girl Talk & Freeway – Broken Ankles

Where have these guys been, and why haven’t they been collaborating already?

Pennsylvania is teaming up on this one with mashup master Girl Talk providing a handful of beats for Philly rapper Freeway. Some might think his style is gimmicky, but Girl Talk’s never really disappointed me. It’s actually funny that he’s been musically silent for the past four years, because I think music fans aren’t really paying attention to genre boundaries like they used to. Now that music discovery on the internet is in full swing, people are listening to whatever the hell they want. That’s exactly what Girl Talk’s megamix albums represented to me, anyway.

As far as Freeway goes, I’ve never really been a fan outside of The Stimulus Package–which dropped the same year as Girl Talk’s last record–but I think he’s sounding completely revitalized over these sample-heavy beats.

I think Freeway and Girl Talk are finding new purpose together with this new EP of theirs, Broken Ankles. The lyrics are grimy, violent, forceful. I’d call the instrumentals unlikely, but nothing happens here that albums like Feed The Animals didn’t already set a precedent for. Still, it’s great to hear Girl Talk focusing on some completely original material rather than just assembling tracks out of pieces of other songs. Stuff like this EP could really build his rep as a producer, because the beats have a lot going on for them on this thing. Enjoy via the widget above or the link below!

Download: Girl Talk & Freeway – Broken Ankles

Tony Molina – Dissed and Dismissed

While the incredible brevity of this new Tony Molina record makes it a little gimmicky, the infectious melodies and breakup album concept are enough to make me overlook that most of the time. If you like your power pop rough and punk-influenced, give this a listen.

Silver Mt. Zion – “Birds Toss Precious Flowers”

Having dropped the art rock wonder Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything earlier this year, Thee Silver Mt. Zion is readying a new “remix” EP that will be released just later this month. It is called Hang on to Each Other and features two lengthy revamps of the song of the same name from the collective’s 2005 effort Horses in the Sky.

Now, I’m wondering if fellow post-rock act Mogwai stole the name Rave Tapes from them, as judging from the EP’s B-side, “Birds Toss Precious Flowers,” that would be a fitting name for this project. This song is a headlong foray into electronic dance music…and the guys and gals at Thee Silver Mt. Zion actually pull it off. While it doesn’t remotely resemble the mostly acapella track it purports to have used as a “launching point,” the track is a true-blue house odyssey that remains captivating for its full 12 minutes. I can’t say I was expecting this from the band, but hell, I think now I’d like to them go totally electronic for a release in the future.

From the band: “It’s like that famous quote that Emma Goldman never said = “DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION”!”

Hang on to Each Other is due out April 29 via Constellation. A gentle reminder the band’s latest full-length is amazing:

Evian Christ – Waterfall

The latest EP from Evian Christ shows noticeable improvement in the rising star producer’s production chops.

Evian Christ – “Waterfall”

Evian Christ’s typically dark, moody production sounds like it’s been infused with power electronics or industrial on this new track titled “Waterfall.” The massive drops of bass sound fantastic against the really eerie, atmospheric synth leads playing throughout this track. He progressively builds the track into this mountain of low-end mayhem that’s both frightening and cathartic.

Check a review for the compilation he dropped a few years ago below:

Shlohmo & Jeremih – “No More”

Some dark, fiery R&B from this new, collaborative track from Shlohmo & Jeremih. The vocals on this track are emotive, pained, and featured a splash of reverb a la the Weeknd. While I do see some obvious stylistic similarities, this song really separates itself form that with the beat. The distorted bass, trap-style hi-hats, and eerie “clinks” hanging in the background.

I love the way the vocals are so closely mashed together when they’re multi-tracked, layered on top of one another. The whole track just feels so moody, intimate, and enveloping. It’s like a forbidden sexy embrace of some sort.

Enjoy this and hang tight for a forthcoming EP of collaborative tracks from Shlohmo & Jeremih. Here’s to hoping they’re all as great as this one!

Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo

While Tennessee rapper Isaiah Rashad proves himself as a capable spitter and lyricist on this project, it’s the storytelling, instrumentals, and choruses that are occasionally lackluster.

Wildernessking – The Devil Within

Some explosive, atmospheric black metal from the previously mentioned Cape Town rock outfit Wildernessking. The Devil Within is their latest EP, and you can stream it via the widget above. Enjoy!

Nelson – “Rhapsody”

19-year-old Liverpudlian emcee Nelson has a new video out for the song “Rhapsody.” The track is taken from his forthcoming Neo Noir EP and features some deep, heavy bars – in both inflection and subject matter – from Nelson, as well as some dank and stylish visuals credited to someone  by the initials CM and to Nelson himself. Check it out above!

Neo Noir is due out sometime in April.