Cults – Static

Loaded with insipid lyrics, amateur singing, and childish melodies, it’s pretty clear the the pop duo known as Cults has no desire whatsoever to mature their sound. There’s definitely more ambition on this record on the instrumental side; featuring an increase in instrumental layers. However, what ends up making Static a sophomore slump for this indie buzz alum is its serious lack of single power.

Classixx – “All You’re Waiting For”

The LA-based DJ duo Classixx has a new music video out for Hanging Gardens cut, “All You’re Waiting For.” The video is produced by Urban Outfitters as part of its UO Music Video Series and features vocal guest Nancy Whang lounging about on a yacht, getting up at one point only to revile the crew. Fitting that the duo belongs to a label called “Innovative Leisure.”

Watch a review for Classixx’s debut album, Hanging Gardens, here:

Fat History Month – “Bad History Month”

New music from Boston based alt-folk duo Fat History Month.

These guys have earned a pretty dedicated group of followers after their first release and with good reason, they make deliciously tense and compelling music. It pines back to, on this track specifically, to old The Lonesome Crowded West-style Modest Mouse. In that they use untuned guitars and lots of noise to create what are some of the most satisfying build ups I can think of. This song feels very dense because of it, and it’s really hard to believe just two people are making such switch sweet, moody sounds.

Buke and Gase – General Dome

On their sophomore full-length, New York’s Buke and Gase continue fine-tuning their unique combination of noise pop, folk, and indie rock with loads of strangely idiosyncratic melodies and textures.


Hubble + Patrick Breiner- “Hubble Chase”

As part of a compilation that independent record label SOUNGS has just released, Hubble, solo guitarist Ben Greenberg of Pygmy Shrews and Zs, and Patrick Breiner, a Connecticut resident who triples as a saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer, have teamed up for a mind-bending new collaboration. Titled “Hubble Chase,” the song accompanies twelve other tracks on this release, which you can buy and/or stream in its entirety over at the SOUNGS Bandcamp.

Without warning, “Hubble Chase” begins with an onslaught of chaotic arpeggios which come courtesy of Breiner’s saxophone and Greenberg’s guitar. The former dominates the right channel, while the latter takes hold of the left, and the pair join together to create a wall of sound that somehow feels both harmonious and somewhat cacophonous. Structurally, “Hubble Chase” is deceptively simple. It makes no clear changes in direction throughout the four-and-a-half minute length it falls just short of spanning, yet it bears a certain amount of subtle change that gives it movement. The song’s minimalistic nature and idiosyncratic saxophone wizardry makes Colin Stetson comparisons unavoidable, but I could go as far as to recommend it to anyone looking for something that is as experimental as it is exhilarating.


Orthrelm- 20012 EP

Orthrelm is an experimental metal project spearheaded by guitarist Mick Barr. Orthrelm material has been pretty scant since 2005′s OV, but now Barr is back with drummer Josh Blair with some new material on an EP titled 20012.

Technically, the musicianship here is pretty incredible, creating some interesting grooves. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe so much rhythm is coming rom two people. The chemistry between Barr and Blair is a huge factor in making these songs great. The way these guys play off each other is impressive. These tracks sound really full with screeching guitar riffs, relentless drumming, and progressive song structures.

There are hints of future recordings from these two, something I’m definitely looking forward to after this sample.

Stream the New CIVIL CIVIC

My favorite electronic rock duo right now has officially dropped its debut full-length, Rules, for streaming on Bandcamp. Listen to it above. It’s like playing a game of Megaman 2 on NES while eating pizza and riding a skateboard.

Warm Digits- “Weapons Destruction”

A video from Warm Digits, which is an up-and-coming electronic music duo from the UK. Their music is a nice blend of krautrock and modern dance music. It’s equal parts catchy and intricate. The song above, “Weapons Destruction,” hits some pretty nice grooves as well.

Warm Digits’ latest album, Keep Warm…With the Warm Digits, is out now on Distraction Recs. Grab a physical or digital copy on Bandcamp.

Tasseomancy- “Heavy Sleep”

So, this video is my odd introduction to the female singer-songwriter duo Tasseomancy, which was formerly known as Ghost Bees. The two members of this project are sisters Romy and Sari Lightman. They’re twins, actually.

The duo’s latest album, Ulalume, will the the first to be released since the name change. It’s dropping tomorrow via Out of This Spark.

The video above features the album track “Heavy Sleep,” which is pretty haunting both sonically and visually. Of course, it’s no surprise that Taylor Kirk and Simon Trottier of Timber Timbre had a hand in the production and instrumentation behind this new album.

If you dig on the song above, stream the new Tasseomancy album by clicking here.


The Band In Heaven- “Sleazy Dreams”

New track from the shoegaze duo Band In Heaven. The project is pulling on a little more garage rock than usual, but the guitar distortion and drums here are still pretty friggin’ heavy. For something a little more psychedelic, check out the track Band released along with this one, “If You Only Knew.”