Guerre – E X N I H I L O

E X N I H I L O is the latest album from Autralian music producer Guerre. It’s a series of tribal, spacey beats that feel as grey and dismal as the album art itself. There are some quiet, tattered, and distant vocals running throughout this thing, too, which brings a really eerie feel to the table that I like.

“Mood music” fans take notice on this one! Enjoy!

Scuba – “Choke”

Hotflush Recordings founder Scuba drops a track from his forthcoming Phenix 2 EP, which features four new tracks on it. As expected, this cut features a strong 4/4 groove, loads of ethereal sound effects, and the musical progressions are incredibly slow and subtle. It’s electronic tension building at its finest–especially as the track reaches a boisterous highpoint at the 4:03 mark. Enjoy!

The Haxan Cloak – Excavation

The Haxan Cloak’s new, sophomore album is possibly one of the scariest sonic experiences you’ll have all year.


Tricky – “Does It” ft. Francesca Belmonte

Trip Hop prince Tricky drops a moody new single and video with the track “Does It.” The track is from his forthcoming LP, False Idols, which will be dropping via !K7 Records in May. Enjoy!

Segue – “Snow Dub”

A bit of bouncy, relaxing dub techno off the latest full-length from electronic music producer Segue. Pacifica is the album, and it’s out now via Silent Season.

Young Fathers – “Romance”

The UK’s Young Fathers have dropped some visuals for their reggae-infused track “Romance,” which came off the group’s recently reissued TAPE ONE. I reviewed it a while back very positively, and I’m still convinced it rules, but I’m patiently waiting to hear some kind of followup–especially since they’re now on Anticon!


Bad Brains- Into the Future

The future is looking a little grim.


Vessel- Order of Noise

While Vessel does create a pretty consistent and well-groomed style on this album, which fuses elements of IDM and techno with some of the most shadowy sounds on record, some tracks are clearly more well-developed than others.


Dumbo Gets Mad- “Radical Leap”

Groovy good feelings all around in this new Dumbo Gets Mad track.

Those good feelings come from a clear dub influence that is evident in the song that of course breaks down into psychedelic rock a few times. That groove mixed with their normal trippy nature mixes together something that feels fresh, in a very literal sense. Listening to this track just gave me a second wind with its deliberate pacing and echoey vocals. It feels like at one point this could have been two separate songs that somehow got mashed into one; a sound that works refreshingly well.

Andy Stott- Luxury Problems

While it isn’t as creepily textured as Stott’s beloved Passed Me By EP that dropped last year, the mood he creates on these sound-rich and minimal techno tracks are mostly captivating.