The Body – “To Carry the Seeds of Death within Me”

Well, here’s a video that’ll surely give you nightmares. As if their compositions weren’t terror-inducing enough, Portland avant-garde, experimental metal duo The Body have enlisted the demented talents of London musician The Haxan Cloak just to make sure their new album I Shall Die Here is even more fucked up than its predecessor, last year’s Christs, Redeemers.

“To Carry the Seeds of Death within Me” is a horrific piece by itself – The Haxan Cloak’s rumbling bass has certainly enhanced this quality of The Body’s music. But  then there’s the Richard Rankin-shot visuals that are attached to it, which depict a man staring into a mirror, preparing to perform some kind of invasive procedure on his head, and going on to cut in. Thanks a lot, The Body, Haxan Cloak, and Richard Rankin; I dedicate my loss of sleep and consequent delirium to you.

I Shall Die Here is due out April 1 via RVNG. It is currently streaming on Pitchfork. By the way, we’re masochists and loved The Haxan Cloak’s Excavation, which dropped last year:

Relic Point – VIXI

Relic Point’s monstrous new LP VIXI is comprised of an hour of sludgy black metal, with elements of drone and doom thrown in for good measure. The Russian outfit proves itself to be adept at crafting downright monolithic pieces, the first two tracks nearing the 10 minute mark and the last track well breaching it. But the band thankfully offers some variety in that regard (mind you, not at all when it comes to aggression!), packing a huge punch as it mostly operates between the five and six minute range, also throwing in a couple of short droning interludes that also manage to come off abrasively. Check this nasty fucker out above!

Sunn O))) & Ulver – Terrestrials

Sunn O))) & Ulver come together for a collaborative album whose recording process has been ongoing since 2008. Despite the short length of this thing, Terrestrials shows a balanced fusion of each artist’s sound.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen – “Atomos VII”

A Winged Victory for the Sullen (aka the partnership of pianist/composer Dustin O’Halloran and Stars of the Lid’s Adam Wiltzie) released their debut self-titled record back in 2011, and it was full of beautiful, lush drones and striking piano. In other words, it was a good holdover for all of us SotL fans eagerly awaiting the band’s next record. But it seems we will have to wait a bit longer, as A Winged Victory for the Sullen are ready to release a follow-up. Entitled Atomos, it originated as a score for a dance performance by Wayne McGregor, and is now being released on its own. The first track from is the simply titled “Atomos VII”, and it features just what we’ve come to expect from this duo: it’s gorgeous, it’s weightless, it feels like it could stretch on for days. The string are a bit more aggressive than on their debut, but otherwise, this is a nice reminder of why this group wasn’t just a random offshoot.

Atomos is out later this year, but the teaser EP that “Atomos VII” is from is out April 28 via Kranky.

Have a Nice Life – “Dan and Tim, Reunited by Fate”

This new track from Connecticut experimental rock duo Have a Nice Life is epic, but in the sort of abject way you might expect from the outfit after their monumental, crushing 2008 LP Deathconsciousness. As the title of the song might suggest, frontmen Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga are reunited and neither of them is skipping a beat. The first half of the song is a gloomy dirge of whirring guitar and industrial electronics that backdrops the duo’s purposefully distant, echoing vocals and that gives way to a protracted coda of yet more industrial textures.

For the evocative vocals and for managing to come across as a sort of self-contained story, “Dan and Tim, Reunited by Fate” has me brimming with excitement for the twosome’s upcoming sophomore LP The Unnatural World, due out February 4 via The Flenser. For the time being, it is available to stream in full here via Pitchfork Advance.

Sevendeaths – “All Night Graves”

A gorgeous drone from Scottish music producer Steven Shade a.k.a. Sevendeaths, which comes from his latest LP, Concreté Misery. In a perfect world, this track is how the collaboration between Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin collaboration that dropped in 2012 would have sounded. Sporadic synth sequences lay against monolithic drones of distortion that cycle through a somber chord progression. While the music seems simple in theory, it’s powerful in practice. Enjoy!

USA out of Vietnam – Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes

Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes, the latest project from hard-to-explain Montreal act USA out of Vietnam, is capable of scratching many musical itches at once. Here, the band combines elements of drone, doom, prog rock, and psych pop so seamlessly that the result is equally cohesive and bewildering. Press play on the widget above and let the droning psychedelic doom pop magic begin!

Nicolas Jaar – OUR WORLD

Check out this glorious hour-long mix that Nicolas Jaar made in honor of John Lennon for the 33rd anniversary of his death. There are many standout phases Jaar goes through here, opening with an interview with Lennon; going on to string together various clips of drones, film scores, and experimental piano work; and at one point sampling a bit of Black Friday mayhem. But the highlight is definitely his powerful remix of Lennon’s “Oh My Love,” which closes out the stream. You can listen to and download it in full above via Soundcloud.

This mix was the 16th issue of the weekly podcast hosted by Jaar’s Other People imprint. Check in on its site for a new mix every Sunday.

Sunn O))) & Ulver – “Eternal Return” (excerpt)

An excerpt from a soon-to-be-released track that features the artistic of both Sunn O))) and Ulver. Yes, Sunn O))) and Ulver! If you’re into the heavier and darker side of music, these are two names you’re undoubtedly familiar with, and to see them together in front of one song title is pretty exciting.

The excerpt streaming above is pretty moving, and there’s more where that came from–obviously. Of course the entirety of “Eternal Return” hasn’t been revealed, and there are two more songs which land on this forthcoming LP, Terrestrials, as well.

The LP’s release date is looking like February 4th at this point. Enjoy what you hear in this stream until then!

Ô Paon – Quatorze-Quinze Ans

Drone, ambient music, folk, and more come together on this new shyly voiced Ô Paon EP, which was recorded in the magical land of Anacortes, Washington. There must be a lot of rough, noisy textures around those parts, because that’s what this EP is full of. Gentle drones with subtly thunderous characteristics! Somehow, Geneviève Elverum’s vocals find their place amongst this slow-moving chaos, and they sound pretty moving! Give a listen, enjoy!