Matthewdavid- Outmind

On his debut full-length, Outmind, Matthewdavid flips through his sketchbook of ambient drones and blurred beats, picking out the best stuff he’s got to offer so far. While he does pull some fantastic sounds together, and issue I find myself running into is the brevity of some of these songs. A lot of this LP’s greatest achievements barely stretch past the one-minute mark, which just leaves me wanting more. Still, there are a lot of reasons to put an ear to Outmind at least once.

Is this album for you? Find out in this review.

Review: Matthewdavid- Outmind

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Kin- “Hercules”

As Kin, electronic artist Yung Hui explores sound’s dark side through drones and bleak synths. What backing up these sounds much of the time are hip hop beats, believe it or not–but a verse over his tunes just doesn’t seem appropriate.

His latest album, Dormant, is being given away for free. Most of the tracks barely break the two-minute mark, and Hui himself admits to them being simple sketches.

But “Hercules,” a track dropped months after the release of Dormant, is a 6-minute monster. The grainy beat and low-end fog that surrounds this track make it extremely ominous. It’s pretty easy to get lost in, too. I just can’t shake this feeling of walking down a cave or falling down a bottomless pit.

Teebs- Ardour ‡ REVIEW

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All India Radio- “Lucky” ‡ MP3

Ever since Dumbo Gets Mad released a second song, I’ve been revisiting the site that introduced me to the track: Bad Panda Records. The site’s promise of one free song every Monday may not seem like the most ambitious of undertakings, but when you’re talking about music that’s this outside of the blogosphere’s usual scope, Bad Panda’s offerings can be a breath of fresh air.

Which brings me to an Australian band Bad Panda introduced me to: All India Radio. They’re an instrumental outfit with a lot of atmosphere, and they’re currently putting the finishing touches on a new album. The track below is getting all sorts of accolades for having a pretty creative music video.

The sounds here are welcoming and soothing. It’s like Godspeed without the ominousness or desperation. Check it:

MP3: All India Radio- Lucky