Bonobo – The North Borders

Stream: Bonobo – “The North Borders”

Sample music from the new Bonobo album via the link above, which will lead you to numerous tracks from the new LP, which have been uploaded by the UK-based electronic music produced himself. Enjoy, and look for a copy of this album on Ninja Tune this April.

Bonobo – “Cirrus”

Electronic music producer Bonobo drops a new track titled “Cirrus,” and beefs it up with some oddly edited visuals via the video above. The dude’s got a new LP dropping on Ninja Tune at the start of April, and the title of that will be the North Borders.

If you’re yet to check out this dude’s album Black Sands, do yourself a favor and subject yourself to the pretty, textured instrumentals all over that smooth, smooth monster. I’m pretty excited to see where the music moves next after hearing some of the awe-inspiring and metallic sounds all over this new track. It’s got a sweet real-world quality to it that I love, which keeps it from feeling robotic, but there’s also a meticulous layer of detail hidden in the rhythms and progressions here that can’t be ignored. All-around great track.

Portico Quartet- “Steepless” ft. Cornelia

Portico Quartet drops a video for the Cornelia-featured track, “Steepless.” It comes from the band’s new, self-titled album. Watch a review for that LP here.

Egyptr- Self-Titled

How I found out about Egyptr was my good buddy Zach from We Listen For You Tweeted me a minute ago telling me this album was “pure Fantano,” or something like that. I dunno about that. Maybe this is, like, in the 70-80 percentile. I’m just breakin’ balls.

Egyptr has some nice things going on with this self-titled LP. It’s a series of ten loud, cacophonous, angular post-punk tunes that have lead vocals that remind me of the Arctic Monkeys a bit. It’s certainly got a freakish energy to it that I like a lot.

The composition of these songs can be pretty interesting, too. The riffs are written to have such bulky shapes. Some of the intervals they play can be pretty dissonant as well, and horns are occasionally thrown in to add another sour element to the mixture.

This could grow on me.


British producer SBTRKT–aka Aaron Jerome–dropped a new track on his Soundcloud page today, appropriately titled “GLOSS.” It’s a subdued, relatively calm piece with a subtle, midtempo beat and synth pads that are hard to describe as anything but “glossy.” The occasionally stuttering beat recalls the club-ready sound of SBTRKT’s excellent self-titled LP from last year, but on the whole this track is more toned down from anything on that record. SBTRKT fans may miss the guest vocals that popped up frequently on that record, but the instrumental “GLOSS” still has distinct SBTRKT personality. This piece seems more like a one-off experiment than a preview of anything new, but it’s worth keeping tabs on his Soundcloud page for any more tracks that might drop in the near future.

Portico Quartet- Portico Quartet

On Portico Quartet’s third album, the London-based band creates an impressive mixture of sounds from jazz and electronica.


Portico Quartet- “Ruins”

A music video for the song “Ruins,” which comes off the new, self-titled Portico Quartet album. It’s out now on Real World.

Combining elements of both jazz and downtempo, this English band creates a sound that’s both chill and engaging. From ambient interludes to full-on grooves, the Portico Quartet has a lot of dynamics going for them. A lot of perplexing sounds, too. Looking forward to hearing more of this new album of theirs.

Evy Jane- SAYSO

Chill electronic beats, and a somewhat chilling vocal delivery coming through on the new Evy Jane 12″, which features the tracks “SAYSO,” “OHSO,” and two remixes. Enjoy! Look for the 12″ on February 13th through King Deluxe.

Amenta- Sacred Places

A new EP from the up-and-coming singer Amenta. This release is titled Sacred Places, and it’s loaded with spacey beats, glistening synths, and soulful female vocals. There are elements of R&B, jazz, soul, and beat music floating throughout this thing. It’s as if all these influences are rotating around the singer in unison like planets.

There’s a nice separation between the tracks on here, too. “Sticky” features some fluttering flutes, and “Stormy Weather” has some glitchy synths persistently piercing the background.

While this project still feels like it’s in a fetal stage, there’s some undeniably interesting stuff forming here, for sure.

The Log.Os- λόγος

On this debut mini-LP from the Log.Os, this new project creates a spacey, futuristic link between soul, dowtempo, R&B, beat music, and electronica.