Dope Body – “Repo Man”

As you might recall from last week, we kind of sort of loved the new Dope Body record Lifer. It will almost certainly be considered among the very best rock releases of the year. And in the running for best rock video of the year is this Theo Anthony-directed one for standout cut “Repo Man.” An evocative portrait of socio-economic hardship in a presumably Marylandian town, the short is as thematically impressive as it is technically. It was a great idea to use “Intro” to set the stage and exponentially mount tension, and  the whirlwind intercutting of the noisy VHS footage, while something of a gimmick at this point, is appropriate and tastefully executed in this case.

Having delivered here a well-struck balance of kinetic, fun, and subtly moving; Theo Anthony is well-deserving of the Vimeo “Video of the Week” Award for which he’s just been nominated. If you really dig the video, vote for it here.

Lifer is out now via Drag City.

Dope Body – Lifer

Dope Body releases a chaotic and somewhat psychedelic followup to 2012′s Natural History.

Dope Body – “Hired Gun”

Baltimore noise rock band Dope Body drops a track from their forthcoming album, Lifer. It’s looking at a release this October on Drag City Records, just like their last album, and this new track of theirs is a heavy, wild piece of rock ‘n’ roll. While it’s not as kooky or groove-oriented as the cuts on Natural History, the band still brings forth some visceral riffs and a dynamic guitar interlude as well. Enjoy!

Dope Body – “Youth Relic”

Baltimore band Dope Body drops a new music video for a track off their latest EP, which you can check a review for below. The video here features footage of the band being mimicked very loosely by a group of girls and one feisty, young kid as the frontman. Enjoy!

Dope Body – Saturday

The recording quality on Dope Body’s new 7″ EP might not be the best, but more nasty, sludgy psych rock is just what the doctor ordered.


Dope Body – “Leather Head”

Baltimore band Dope Body drops a new track and video titled “Leather Head.” The track comes from the band’s new 7″ EP on Drag City. The title: Saturday. The track brings the band’s usual combo of psych rock, punk, and sludge; however, the party attitude that I enjoyed so much on their last full-length seems to be swapped out for something a little darker.

Check a review of the band’s last full-length right here:

Top-50 Albums of 2012

It’s been another year, y’all! So here are my favorite albums from this past year! It’s been fun doing reviews for you on the regular, and I plan to continue into 2013. Thanks for liking, commenting, watching, and believing.

Here is a YouTube playlist of music from these 50 albums.

Dope Body- Natural History

On their latest album, Maryland band Dope Body blends the sounds of hardcore punk, funk, noise, hard rock, and sludge metal. Then they turn it into a party.


Dope Body- “Weird Mirror”

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Dope Body drops yet another track from its forthcoming LP, Natural History.

“Weird Mirror” is a fantastic piece of subtly reverbed punk-effing-rock. No prisoners. Break a sweat. Put someone in a headlock. The riff on this thing has an incredible amount of force behind it. The drums hit hard, and the vocals are enthralling as well. Everything about this song says, “Hey, lose control! Get lose. If you break something, whatever.”

Hear another track from this album, which I put on the Loved List earlier this month. Look for this album via Drag City on May 22nd.

Dope Body- “Lazy Slave” (Loved)

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A track from the forthcoming Dope Body album, Natural History, which will be out on May 22nd via Drag City Records.

“Lazy Slave” is pretty heavy listen. Dope Body sure does love its riffs and its low-end frequencies. However, the quartet presents something that’s far from metal. On this particular track, Dope Body’s energy is much more akin to that of punk and psychedelic rock. I have no clue where the eccentric, high-pitched shrieks are coming from, though. Oh, that must just be a bit of the group’s own personality peeking through. Comparisons can only take you so far, folks.

But, yes, Dope Body is not the first band to be this aggressive, sure. But what makes this track stand out so much for me is that the group is too weird for words, delivering squealing guitars, strange lyrics, and an even stranger vocal delivery. The band is equal parts heavy and colorful.