Flying Lotus – Ideas+drafts+loops

Download: Flying Lotus – Ideas+drafts+loops

Flying Lotus has announced that he’s entering the mixing stage of his fifth studio album, likely due out early next year. To tide his fans over, he’s shared a free compilation of unreleased material, and because this is FlyLo; the production on these tracks are just as stellar as that of some of the best electronica you’ve heard this year. The tape also has myriad guest artists – among them are Shabazz Palaces, The Underachievers, Until the Quiet Comes collaborator Niki Randa, alter ego Captain Murphy, and Thundercat even turns up on a remix of Kanye’s “Black Skinhead.” Grab it above and enjoy!

Hopefully we’ll be getting another project from Captain Murphy soon, as well. A reminder that his mixtape Duality was one of the most sensational trips of 2012:

Sufjan Stevens – “Take Me”

With “Take Me,” Sufjan Stevens intimates that even his unused demos are wholly worthwhile. Stevens shared the “repetitive lo-fi pop” song to his Tumblr Ghetto Soundcloud page upon happening across it on a hard drive under his desk. He went on to describe it with a  couple of sly quadruple negatives: “It don’t go nowhere so don’t expect nothing. Love don’t go nowhere so don’t expect nothing. Quadruple negative, yo. Stay Positive.” Give it a listen above; the “stay positive” part should come naturally!

Stream New Stone Titan Demos

Only a few weeks after the digital release of their new full-length album, Scratch N’ Sniff, Connecticut sludge outfit Stone Titan has dropped a few new demos that might sound interesting if given the full studio treatment.

Stream the tracks above, and enjoy! Also, listen to Stone Titan’s new full-length here.

Stream Exhaustion’s Demo

Exhaustion is causing me to make a total mess of my living room, they have found just the right dirty, power fused, and grinding sound that can awaken that sort of energy.

There was a reason that when these ex-members of UK metal band Throats came together they called themselves Exhaustion, and trust me when you are done listening to this EP you will fully understand why. The guitars are noisy and constantly thrashing along into swirling messes that can only bring images of the most violent circle pits to mind. The decidedly distorted howls of the lead singer blending into all of the wild instrumentation just makes it all the more satisfying. When it comes to making relentless metal, Exhaustion seems to have it figured out, and they bring it fast and hard without relent.

Hot Sugar – “And the walls came tumbling down” (demo)

Beatsmith Hot Sugar drops a demo for the track “And the walls came tumbling down.”

The dreary and emotive piano playing sampled on the track was originally featured in this video, but it seems to have now made it into a full-fledged beat, which is getting a release on the forthcoming GOD’s Hand EP. Enjoy!

Sielunvihollinen – “Viimeinen Valonlähde”

A rough but well-written black metal demo track from Sielunvihollinen, which was dropped off to me by the dude who fronts the project Dødkvlt. Look for a straightforward chord progression, mid-paced beat, and a blaring lead guitar melody on this one.

Blessed State- 2012 Demo

Some catchy, energetic, and melodic hardcore punk coming from this new demo from Western Massachusetts’ Blessed State. It’s rough around the edges, but surely worth a listen. Some great guitar leads manage to shine through the grit of this recording, and some spots like the lone guitar introduction of the last track do come off as legitimately down in the dumps for music of this level of aggression. Enjoy!

False Light- Self-Titled

False light is conjuring nothing but blast beats and corpses on this new EP of theirs, which is available as a free download right now on Bandcamp. Try it out via the widget above.

Download TAMUTAMEN’s Demo

Considering the Nordic countries commonly associated with black metal, I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow when I heard this particular band, TAMUTAMEN, hails from Tel Aviv, Israel. However, I guess it’s not such a big deal since bands like Liturgy, Krallice, Deafheaven, and Wolves In the Throne Room have done a lot in terms of making black metal about sound, not just culture.

So, if you’re looking for something “trve” or “kvlt,” you might want to move along, because TAMUTAMEN seems to focus more on energy and aggression than any sort of set rules and standards. While the band does have some great blast beats and tremolo picking–I wanna mention here that some of the lead guitars get pretty melodic and colorful, too–there’s an undeniably strong hardcore punk influence in the handful of songs on this new demo of theirs. Find a download of all the songs right here. Check out a session performance featuring the band in the video below, too:

Death Grips- “Poser Killer” / “Fyrd Up”

Currently, the TND camp is in the midst of a bit of Death Grips fever, and there’s no cure in sight. Addiction, addiction, addiction.

So, late last month, what seems to be a few Death Grips demos surfaced on YouTube, but they haven’t really received the blog buzz they deserve. To my knowledge, YouTube user MichealMcNanner was the first person to have shared these tracks on the internet, and how he came about these songs is bluntly explained in the comments for “Fryd Up”:

Judging from the sound quality and production on these two tracks, they sound early. Maybe even produced prior to the EP tracks that preceded last year’s Exmilitary. Still raw and intense, though. Grab these two tracks below:

Download: Death Grips- “Live From Death Valley”

And check out my Loved Listed review of Death Grips’ the Money Store here.

Edit: I’ve been told these tracks were also released, rather covertly, as a part of the Death Bomb digital singles collection.