Artificial Brain – Labyrinth Constellation

New York’s Artificial Brain comes through with a galactic take on technical death metal on their debut album.

Mantar – Death By Burning

The latest full-length album from the previously mentioned Mantar is now available for streaming via the widget embedded above.

Various shades of metal play into this ten tracks on this record: death, black, sludge, doom. And some of the riffs here have a faint rock ‘n’ roll vibe as well. Mantar certainly shows off a lot of diversity for a “band” that’s only got two members. Their exclusion of bass guitar doesn’t stop this record from sounding heavy as hell either.

While there isn’t exactly a lot of subtlety or layering going on here because of the stripped back instrumentation, Mantar’s infectious grooves and manic vocals still bring a lot to the table. Enjoy!

Coffin Dust – “Pig Roast”

An incredibly grimy combination of punk rock, rock ‘n’ roll, and death metal come together on the new Coffin Dust album that’d dropping next week via Unholy Anarchy Records & Distro. Stream one of the tracks from it above. It’s one of the most blistering tracks on the album, and is too gruesome to deny. Enjoy!


Dea Marica – Curse of the Haunted

A lot of death/doom heaviness packed into this debut album from London metal trio Dea Marica. Throughout Curse of the Haunted, frontman Riccardo Veronese’s voice is exceptionally powerful, whether it be clean and operatic or coarse and growled, and multi-instrumentalist Roberto Mura and drummer Marco craft some weighty, emotional arrangements. Give it a listen in full via the above widget through the group’s Bandcamp.

Behemoth – “Ora Pro Nubis Lucifer” & “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”

The two singles to have dropped from Polish death metal quartet Behemoth’s forthcoming concept album The Satanist sound massive and are kind of awe-inspiring. The first, “Ora Pro Nubis Lucifer,” is a straight-up death metal frenzy, whereas the second, “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel,” is a slower-paced, multi-phased piece complete with grand choral vocals and a brass-infused outro that is in a way quite moving. Stream them above and below, respectively. Brace yourself for The Satanist, due out February 4 via Metal Blade Records.

Artificial Brain – “Absorbing Black Ignition”

Some incredibly dense, layered, and technical death metal from the New York band Artificial Brain. “Absorbing Black Ignition” is the first song to drop from their forthcoming debut album, Labyrinth Constellation. The LP is currently looking at a February 18th release date on Profound Lore. I think there’s a lot to expect based on what’s being displayed on the track above. For one, the track is incredibly varied with guitars that crush, uplift, and wail with dissonance. There’s an interesting keyboard added to the last third of the song that breaks things up a bit, and the drums are absolutely insane. The percussion here is so fast, but the band has obviously opted for a more natural feel to their recording than some technical death metal bands out there these days. The atmospheric finish is a nice touch as well. Enjoy!

Geryon – Self-Titled

Some punishing, atmospheric death metal from this new Geryon album. Some heavy production to boot from Colin Marston. Enjoy via the widget above!

Portal – “Curtain”

This past Halloween, Australian death metal outfit Portal shared this spooky music video for Vexovoid cut “Curtain.” The short was adapted from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Conqueror Worm,” using puppets to re-tell the story. Choice imagery includes a ghoulish orchestra bowing their instruments with femurs, and the titular toothed worm rising up into the theatre.

Check out the video for “Curtain” above, and watch a review of Vexovoid here:

Kayo Dot – Hubardo

After ten years of being a band, Kayo Dot releases what might be it’s gaudiest album. However, I can’t help but be enamored with the strong playing, ambitious concept, and impressive mix of influences most of the time.

Dødkvlt – “Of Dust and Bones”

The one-man Finnish metal project known as Dødkvlt has dropped a surprising new track, and I say “surprising,” because Dødkvlt’s music typically gives off a pretty strong black metal vibe. However, he seems to be embracing some of the tenants of death metal on “Of Dust and Bones.” It’s not a bad thing either since the track features some pretty evil death growls! On top of that, the track features a pretty progressive structure, building the song up to nine minutes of multifaceted mayhem. Enjoy!