Death Grips – Fashion Week

Death Grips builds up to the release of it’s supposedly final album with an LP of instrumentals.

Death Grips – Fashion Week

With the title and track names of new instrumental soundtrack Fashion Week, Death Grips at last answers the age-long question “jenny death when?” – probably in time for the New York and London Fashion Weeks, which start 12 and 20 February, respectively (the 10th would seem to be a safe bet).

That said, I’m happy to find that this collection of 14 new tracks is much more than a mere hint. Ride’s vocals are of course absent, but these instrumentals do well to amass potency along their decidedly linear paths. These cuts themselves really seem to be up on the runway, strutting their stuff with an unprecedented balance of boldness and poise.

Death Grips – “Inanimate Sensation”

Death Grips drop a new single to tease toward the second half of their yet-to-be-completed double album, The Powers That B.

Death Grips – “Inanimate Sensation” (Video)

Death Grips drops a video single for the first track to be released from their forthcoming album, Jenny Death, which is also the second half of their yet-to-be-completed double album titled The Powers That B. I reviewed the first installment earlier this year.

While it is my job to keep a cool head, it’s hard not to be hyped for “Inanimate Sensation.” The revving group vocals, presumably live drums, and ear-searing synths all remind me of Death Grips’ early work–and sound just as exciting. It’s easily one of the most hard-hitting singles of 2014, and I’m hoping much of Jenny Death follows suit.

Death Grips – The Powers That B Pt. 1 a.k.a. Niggas On The Moon

Death Grips are at their most glitchy, experimental, and esoteric on the first half of their new album.

Death Grips – Niggas On the Moon

Out of the blue, Death Grips drops a new, 8-song project titled Niggas On the Moon, which is supposed to be the first installment of a double album that we should be seeing the second half of later this year. The title of this thing: The Powers That B.

Sonically, NOTM doesn’t sound too unlike the recently released Government Plates. The sounds are synthetic, abrasive, and assembled in a jittery display of disorienting proportions. Thankfully, the project features a stronger lyrical component than Government Plates as well.

For an added layer of confusion, Björk is somehow involved with this thing as well. Knowing Death Grips, this project is probably laced with an incalculable number of Björk samples. There’s a pretty audible one toward the end of “Billy Not Really,” I think.

Stream this project via the widget above, and hit up the DG Facebook page for a download link, which I know the band had posted the night of this album’s release onto YouTube and Soundcloud. No guarantee it’s still there, though. Enjoy!

MONOLITHS. – “No Love” ft. Charlie Mansion (Death Grips Cover)

The Massachusetts rock outfit MONOLITHS. has a pretty diverse set of covers on this new Bandcamp release they’ve recently dropped, and Death Grips ranks among the handful of artists these guys decided to cover. Their song of choice: “No Love,” which is one of the more frighteningly aggressive tracks off the experimental hip hop trio’s NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Even though the verse riffs seem to be off tempo a tick, it’s a pretty interesting rendition. Enjoy!

Death Grips – Government Plates

While Death Grips’ Government Plates might be one of the most aggressive releases to come from the experimental hip hop trio, it’s also one of their most forgettable, repetitious, short-winded, and half-baked.

Death Grips – Government Plates

The experimental California hip hop outfit known as Death Grips has dropped their latest full-length out of the blue with no explanation at all. It’s streamable on SoundCloud, watchable on YouTube, and downloadable on a slew of different file-sharing sites. The title: Government Plates. Give a listen below, and catch reviews for the trio’s three major records down there as well:

Death Grips – “Birds”

Experimental hip hop trio Death Grips comes through with a cryptic and melodic new single.