MONOLITHS. – “No Love” ft. Charlie Mansion (Death Grips Cover)

The Massachusetts rock outfit MONOLITHS. has a pretty diverse set of covers on this new Bandcamp release they’ve recently dropped, and Death Grips ranks among the handful of artists these guys decided to cover. Their song of choice: “No Love,” which is one of the more frighteningly aggressive tracks off the experimental hip hop trio’s NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Even though the verse riffs seem to be off tempo a tick, it’s a pretty interesting rendition. Enjoy!

Death Grips – Government Plates

While Death Grips’ Government Plates might be one of the most aggressive releases to come from the experimental hip hop trio, it’s also one of their most forgettable, repetitious, short-winded, and half-baked.

Death Grips – Government Plates

The experimental California hip hop outfit known as Death Grips has dropped their latest full-length out of the blue with no explanation at all. It’s streamable on SoundCloud, watchable on YouTube, and downloadable on a slew of different file-sharing sites. The title: Government Plates. Give a listen below, and catch reviews for the trio’s three major records down there as well:

Death Grips – “Birds”

Experimental hip hop trio Death Grips comes through with a cryptic and melodic new single.





Death Grips Boiler Room x Ray-Ban LIVE Show @ SXSW

Death Grips’ full set at the 1100 Warehouse a few weeks ago during the SXSW festivities. As you may already know, I was down in front for this, and it was intense as hell.

Check a review of Death Grips’ latest album here:



Watch These Psykers Rehearsals

With loads of strange MIDI sound effects, synths, and a live drum kit, the recently formed Psykers are on their way to producing a twisted, enthralling, and electronic monster of some sort. The handful of video rehearsals they’ve pulled together so far on YouTube are pretty impressive. They’ve even put in the effort to grab a few dancers to perform along with their noisy, textured, and groove-laden jams.

The beginning to these videos is the song “Battleship,” and it’s a for an awesomely foreign flavor to it. However, the third and untitled rehearsal video, I think, will grab the attention of either Death Grips or dubstep fans–maybe both. Lightning bolt? Enjoy!

Death Grips – “Come Up and Get Me”

An insanely long and strange set of visuals from Death Grips here on this out-there video for “Come Up and Get Me,” which comes off the experimental hip hop trio’s latest full-length, NO LOVE DEEP WEB.

Unfortunately, due to complications with their label, the album no longer seems to be available for download on the band’s Third Worlds site.

Top-50 Albums of 2012

It’s been another year, y’all! So here are my favorite albums from this past year! It’s been fun doing reviews for you on the regular, and I plan to continue into 2013. Thanks for liking, commenting, watching, and believing.

Here is a YouTube playlist of music from these 50 albums.

Top-50 Singles of 2012

Here is a YouTube playlist of all the songs that made this list.