White Hinterland – “Ring The Bell”

Be sure to check out this beautifully shot music video from White Hinterland for her song “Ring the Bell.” The Baby highlight is set to imagery of her doing such things as traversing a snowy and icy landscape, dressing and making herself up completely in white in a pure white room furnished with only a mirror, and standing in front of a wall of skulls. Watch it above and enjoy!

Baby is out now via Dead Oceans. It’s pretty stellar:

Julianna Barwick – “The Harbinger”

Julianna Barwick’s latest album Nepenthe expanded on her solo-voice sound, adding more piano along with strings and horns and even a choir. One of the album’s most serene cuts, “The Harbinger”, just got the video treatment. The clip opens with some beautiful underwater shots of a body suspended in motion, then moves on to a story of a young woman seemingly chasing after a spirit (or something?) It’s all pretty mysterious and enigmatic, ending on an increasingly sinister smile.

Nepenthe is out now via Dead Oceans.

Julianna Barwick – “One Half”

Julianna Barwick, the ambient vocalist who is able to make beautiful, symphonic clouds out of her voice and a looping pedal, will be releasing her next album Nepenthe August 20th on Dead Oceans. This track from the project is her most straightforward effort yet, including vocal with actual words, but retains the abstract beauty of her earlier work. If this song is a good indicator, Nepenthe will continue to evolve Julianna Barwick’s angelic choir to new heights.

Akron/Family – “No-Room”

Akron/Family drops a new track with an album on the way via Dead Oceans, which is a label the psychedelic folk outfit has called home for quite a while now. Sub Verses is the title of the new LP, and it’s looking at an April 30th release.

With “No-Room,” the band hammers away at its usual style, but continue to bring weird surprises in the way of effects, chilling vocal chants, and drones. There’s a strong folk vibe coming from the vocal melodies and the chords as the song starts, but there’s an overbearing heaviness to the instrumentation that’s just too dark to ignore. I’m really loving the dense cloud of guitars that saturate the track as it nears its end. It’s easy, and fun, to get lost in.

A Place To Bury Strangers- “So Far Away”

I remember blogging about this track when it first dropped, but now we’ve got a new music video paired with it. Plus, I wanna remind you A Place To Bury Strangers has a new EP, Onwards To the Wall, dropping in February on Dead Oceans! Were these pictures taken in instagram?

The Tallest Man On Earth- “Love Is All” ‡ VIDEO

Video from the Tallest Man On Earth for the track “Love Is All.” It comes from the album the Wild Hunt, which is out now via Dead Oceans.

Chill w/the Good Ones ‡ MP3

A lot of today’s music is lodged so far into escapism, it’s hard to tell what’s real. Songs don’t need to be about walruses or vikings to distract from what’s really going on. Lyrics about sour relationships or even a flashy production job can be the same as watching the world through rose-colored glasses.

In real life, you’re missing a few strings. In real life, a couple of frets on your guitar are dead. In real life, dogs are bark while you’re recording a song.

For me, that’s the Good Ones: A trio of Rwandan musicians releasing an album via Dead Oceans on November 9th. The group was stumbled upon by producer Ian Brennan in a search for musicians throughout the country. The whole album–titled Kigali Y’ Izahabu–is a back-porch recording, and takes an honest and unfettered listen to what the Good Ones have to offer.

The result is twelve songs that achieve beauty in their tired and weary souls. Sure, there’s a language barrier to face when listening to this, but the emotions here are universal. Listen to two tracks from this LP below and let me know what you think.

The Good Ones- Amagorwa y’ Abagabo

The Good Ones- Sara