Code Orange – “I Am King”

After changing its name earlier this month, Code Orange (formerly Code Orange Kids) announced it will be releasing its sophomore album in a couple of months. It’s called I Am King, and above you can watch the video of its savage title track. Backed by a caustic hardcore soundtrack, the visuals depict some poor guy getting the letters “TOTH” carved into his back. I don’t know what that’s all about, but it’s clear Code Orange  isn’t fucking around. This being the intro to the album, it is looking as though I Am King will be every bit as heavy and ferocious as its predecessor, if not more. Glad to see Converge’s Kurt Ballou reprising his role as producer.

I Am King is due out September 2 via Deathwish. Here’s our take on the band’s last one.

Code Orange Kids- Love Is Love // Return To Dust

The debut full-length from Code Orange Kids delivers all of the heaviness the band’s previous EPs promised, but the songs tend to be somewhat hit-or-miss.


Stream the New Code Orange Kids Album

The hard, fast, abrasive, and heavy Code Orange Kids have a debut album out coming out via Deathwish Inc. on November 20th, but you can stream the entire album in full via the widget above. With plenty of massive riffs, blast beats, and a bit of guitar heroism, this band’s got quite a bit of gusto. There are definitely some plays taken from the Converge playbook, and the band even indulges in a bit of shoegazing on moments like “Colors (Into Nothing).”


Code Orange Kids- “Flowermouth”

Hardcore punk outfit Code Orange Kids have what’s probably going to be a heavy, punishing debut full-length coming out on Deathwith Inc. very soon. I’m assuming it’ll be out this year, but Deathwish doesn’t exactly have the release date explicitly posted on its site, so…

The album’s title: Love is Love // Return to Dust, and the track featured in the video above, “Flowermouth,” is so aggressive it’s eye-widening. It’s nothing but brutal production, brutal-er vocals, and some of the fiercest riffage you’ll hear in 2012.

Hear Code Orange Kids’ past work on Bandcamp.

Adventures- “Reach Out To You”

Members of the Pittsburgh hardcore punk band Code Orange Kids have assembled in a new project called Adventures. With this song, it seems they have embraced more of a post-hardcore style with swelling intensity in the emotion behind the vocals as well as the instrumentation. This leads to the ending of the song having a high amount of tension to it. Though it does not weigh quite as heavily as labelmates La Dispute’s brand of post-hardcore, it is definitely in the same emotional territory. They are set to release a 7″ in the future, but if this song is any indication of what they are cooking up I hope there is a full length album in the works.

Full of Hell / Code Orange Kids- Split EP

An ear-splitting, uh, split EP from Full of Hell and Code Orange kids via Topshelf Records. Considering Full of Hell’s Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home was one of the most abrasive things to drop last year, their side of the split is especially attention-demanding.