CIVIL CIVIC V R. STEVIE MOORE – “When You Gonna Find Me A Wife?”

Woah! This is coming out of left-field right here: Lo-fi legend R. Stevie Moore is collaborating with instrumental rockers Civil Civic on a new track titled “When You Gonna Find Me A Wife?

Considering Civil Civic has a new album release right around the corner, I’m pretty excited for whatever these guys have up their sleeves next.

Civil Civic- “New”

Electrorock duo Civil Civic has a “new” track out titled “New,” and it’s a catchy pairing of drum machine beats and distorted bass riffs that I guess didn’t make the cut onto the band’s last album, Rules. If anything about this song is going to stick out to fans of that album, it’s the bright, playful keyboards that wail throughout the entire track.

The song is available for a pay-whatever-you-feel-like-paying download on Bandcamp.

Civil Civic- Rules

On Civil Civic’s debut album, the duo has backed up its past singles with new material, and made a move to revamp drum machine rock.


Stream the New CIVIL CIVIC

My favorite electronic rock duo right now has officially dropped its debut full-length, Rules, for streaming on Bandcamp. Listen to it above. It’s like playing a game of Megaman 2 on NES while eating pizza and riding a skateboard.

CIVIL CIVIC- “Street Trap”


Teasing toward their full-length debut, Civil Civic has dropped another track from it. If you’ve been into all of the fuzzy drum machine rock the duo has put out thus far, this new track, “Street Trap,” should hit the spot. With a driving bassline and shimmering guitars, the sounds here are feeling as claustrophobic as ever. Maybe that sounds bad to those who have personal space issues, but I don’t mind. Records that get right up in the faces of listeners are a must.

Also, do I hear a cowbell in there?

Check out the first track to drop from this forthcoming album here.

CIVIL CIVIC- “Airspray”

As I mentioned earlier this month, CIVIL CIVIC is currently raising funds for the release of their next album. So far, it looks like fundraising has been good to them. The $5,000 goal is within reach, it seems.

The duo–trio if you count their drum machine box–has allowed me to post a track from the forthcoming LP, and I think it’s safe to say these guys have really grown into a sound. Everything I’ve loved about their previous tracks, which includes fuzzed out bass lines, hard-hitting snares, and fuzzed-out production, are all year, and yet I’m digging in on an entirely different tracks.

I’ve always seen CIVIL CIVIC’s track to carry a heavy dose of “badass-ness” with them. Though “Airspray” does have that, it’s much more of an uplifting tune, with icy keyboards bouncing across a frozen sheets of thick driving basslines.

In short, it’s kinda like this.

Civil Civic Raises $$$ for Next LP

To do a “pre-order,” head to this page.

CIVIL CIVIC- Lights On A Leash ‡ VIDEO

New video and song from the duo/band/project CIVIL CIVIC, “Lights On A Leash.” Download the track for a mere fifty cents on CC’s bandcamp page.

Civil Civic- “Run Overdrive” 7” | REVIEW


CIVIL CIVIC- “Run Overdrive” / “Fuck Youth” | STREAM

New double b-side 7” from the electrorock duo CIVIL CIVIC.

Stream it below and grab a physical or digital copy on their bandcamp page:

Is there a lot of pomp in this music? Too much? Not enough? Is fusing electronics with rock a good thing? Always?