I Am Your Destruction is an Austin, TX-based electronic music project that’s just released its first full-length, which I think it self-titled. TBBR003 is just the catalog number from Thebasebit Recordings, I’m pretty sure. Title aside, this is a pretty fun album. It combines the blood-pumping drops and builds of modern EDM with the bright and glitchy grime of 8-bit music.

With the exception of a few artists, I typically find chiptune music to be a little limited. I mean, you have a multitude of artists here agreeing to center their music around 8-bit sounds, some working exclusively within that sound set. However, with IAYD, that is very much not the case. These tracks simultaneously worship at the chiptune altar, and look to bend the rules set by predecessors. Enjoy!

Anamanaguchi – Endless Fantasy

New York chiptuners Anamanaguchi have a new album out that’s sure to test your threshold for 8-bit synths and instrumental power pop.


Anamanaguchi – “Space Wax America”

A brand new track from the chiptune rockers Anamanaguchi, which comes from the NY group’s forthcoming album, Endless Fantasy. The LP is currently looking at a May 14th release date, and the band is trying to make this album cycle bigger and better than past ones with a new Kickstarter that’s currently raising money for distribution, music videos, live show lighting, future collaborations, and more. Enjoy!

Anamanaguchi – “Meow” (LOVED)

For a handful of years, New York’s Anamanaguchi have been making some energetic, hyper-melodic, and chiptune-infused rock music. In 2010, the band strung together a series of amazing, free singles they put out on their site, and took part in producing the soundtrack for the Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World videogame soundtrack.

Now the older, wiser, and they’ve finally mustered up the courage to put together another full-length LP. The title is Endless Fantasy, and it’s due for a Spring release. In the meantime, we’ve got audio and video for the group’s new single, “Meow.” It’s neon-colored, pixie stix’d, ready to friggin’ party. The music video itself looks like a tricked out Chuck E. Cheese commercial for twentysomethings. No complaints there. The song is loaded with rich, wailing melodies that are backed up with samples of kitty cats meowing. This is truly rock for the .gif-addicted Tumblr user.

Infinity Shred- EP 001 (Gnar Dream)

A combination of slick, progressive synths and rock instrumentation on this new Infinity Shred EP. I first heard the band though a recommendation by Anamanaguchi, and I’m happy to hear some similarities–especially on the track “Wayfinder,” which has some spacey, 8-bit melodies.

Stream this new EP in its entirety via the widget above, and stay awesome.