Burial – Rival Dealer

It’s hard to believe the three tracks on this Rival Dealer EP are actually Burial tracks, because they bring the UK-based producer’s sound in a such a different direction. We’re not getting moody, skeletal dubstep tunes on this one, people. Get ready for some auto-tuned synth pop with a boatload of atmosphere.

Stream the New Burial EP

Famed electronic music producer, and underground dubstep titan Burial has just dropped a new EP titled Rival Dealer, which is streamable on the Hyperdub Records YouTube channel. Hear the title track above, and you can hear the two remaining songs here and here. Pick up a copy of this new EP over here. Enjoy!

Aaron Dilloway – Opened Door

LA noise musician Aaron Dilloway (formerly of Wolf Eyes) is back with a proper follow-up tape to his 2012 tape-loop epic, Modern Jester. Opened Door clocks in at just under 20 minutes, and its A-side might just be the most rhythmic thing Dilloway’s done to date. It actually has a discernible beat, and it oddly resembles Burial’s nocturnal two-step garage esthetic. The B-side is what one might expect from Dilloway–an eerie, formless tape-loop soundscape–but even then, it’s alarmingly mellow by his standards. Give it a listen above!

Opened Door will be released on September 1 via Chondritic Sound.

Lee Bannon – “Hyper/Eclipse”

The latest offering from West Coast producer Lee Bannon is accompanied by a fittingly nocturnal, dimly lit video collage. “Hyper/Eclipse” finds Bannon continuing to explore the sounds of drum ‘n’ bass, but its choppy female vocal sample and dark atmosphere make it feel like something of a jacked-up Burial track. Enjoy!

Burial- Truant / Rough Sleeper

On this new pair of tracks, dubstep innovator Burial uses gaps and silence to progress his ever-growing interest in longer song lengths and ambient atmospheres.


Burial + Four Tet- “Nova”

Burial and Four Tet drop a beautiful new collaborative track titled “Nova.” Of course, this isn’t the first time these two have put (amazing) material together, and let’s hope this track is one of many more collaborations to come.

While the beat doesn’t vary enough to get me intro the groove, the atmosphere and choppy keyboards surrounding the rhythm are quite nice. The spectral vocal samples are so faint, they almost feel like a sonic mirage: It’s difficult to completely make them out or really put a finger on them.

The ending is atmospheric as the beginning, but the track doesn’t finish without introducing some pretty nice, bright, drone-y keyboards that carry me off into some kind of magic, electronic, ocean-side dreamland I want to stay in forever.

Burial- Kindred EP

The elusive London-based electronica producer, Burial, drops a stellar set of new tracks on his latest EP.


Stream the New Burial EP

Stream: Burial- Kindred EP

London-based future garage and dubstep producer Burial has a new EP out via Hyperdub. It features three new tracks, and two of ‘em are eleven-minute doozies. Listen to the whole thing via the link above.

Jamie Woon- “Night Air”

On this new single, UK electronic artist Jamie Woon wanders solemnly, carrying a style of dubstep with him that isn’t unlike Burial’s–in fact, Burial co-produced this track, so there ya go.

And while this style of music is known for its minimal, cleanly sound, this sounds just a little too safe for me pull anything all that interesting from it. Combined with the lyricism, vocals, and straightforward song structure here, “Night Air” just leaves an awkward taste sitting in my ears.

While this might appeal to those who are enjoying this new world of dubstep, or the latest string of artists to experiment with modern R&B, it’s just not for me, I think. A little too reserved, a little too plain, I guess.


Thom Yorke / Burial / Four Tet- “Ego” & “Mirror”

This surprise trio has collaborated on a 12-inch split featuring two tracks: “Ego” and “Mirror.” Dig on both via the links below:

Thom Yorke, Burial, Four Tet- Ego
Thom Yorke- Burial, Four Tet- Mirror