Lee Bannon – Main/Flex EP

After the success of his Alternate/Endings full-length earlier this year, I think it’s safe to say music fans and critics alike have accepted Lee Bannon‘s sudden transition into the world of drum ‘n’ bass.

The West Coast producer is now backing that move up with a new EP titled Main/Flex, which features a surprising and varied guest list: Hak of Ratking, Deejay Earl, and Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante. Not only that, but Lee’s typically atmospheric production feels even more vast at some points–I mean, the track “RMF-2″ is pretty much an ambient cut.

Give a listen to this EP via the embed above, and pick it up on iTunes here.

ABC Galaxy – Captain Eureka

If you need something to counteract the resulting anxiety of Russia’s latest bids for world domination, then ABC Galaxy (Roman Skarednov) has made the album for you. Captain Eureka¬†offers an impossibly optimistic outlook of the world in these stressful time, laden with some of the most colorful, kooky breakbeats you are going to hear all year. Just look at that exuberant cover art and some of the song titles – “Holy Synthesaurus,” “Monkeyshopping,” “Happydelica” – and you should have a good idea of how this thing’s gonna sound…So basically it’s a must-listen!

Lee Bannon – Alternate/Endings

Producer Lee Bannon fully transitions into a different sound on this new record, distancing himself from the hip hop beats he’s most known for. While he sounds completely at home making jungle and breakbeat, I was hoping he’d redecorate a bit more.

Lee Bannon – “VALUE 10″

Up-and-coming producer and recent Ninja Tune signee Lee Bannon drops another track and video in promotion of his forthcoming album, Alternate/endings. The LP is currently looking at a January 13th release date. Enjoy!

Lee Bannon – “InMySleep”

West Coast producer Lee Bannon is getting more and more creative and versatile by the minute. He’s constantly creating, and thinks almost nothing of just suddenly dropping a track like “InMySleep,” which combines his recent obsession with breakbeat-like grooves with some jutting bass notes and an odd chord progression.

I suppose “InMySleep” is a fitting title considering how creepy and borderline nightmarish the song feels. Enjoy!

Zomby – With Love

UK-based electronic music producer Zomby drums up some really evocative, moody atmospheres on With Love, but the lack of variety in his production makes these thirty three tracks wear thin in a quick fashion.


Zomby – “Overdose”

This week, London electronic music producer Zomby is dropping his latest full-length album, With Love. It’ll be on 4AD, and features over thirty tracks that span two discs. As the track “Overdose” shows, this guy is really working to diversity his sound, trying his hand at some very atomspheric, textured, and boom-y breakbeat electronica. Enjoy!

When Saints Go Machine – “Love and Respect” ft. Killer Mike

An eerie fusion of electronic music and hip hop on this new track from When Saints Go Machine, “Love and Respect,” which is a cut from the Danish quartet’s new album, Infinity Pool. It’s dropping this week via EMI Records and !K7 Records.

Gore Tech and Rotator- “Heretic”

Some heavy bass and hard breaks from this new Gore Tech and Rotator single for the track “Heretic,” which is just too heavy and crushing to deny. It’s a destructive combination of dubstep, digital hardcore, and breakcore that’s been aptly uploaded to a Bandcamp that has the phrase “warstep” written into its description. Enjoy!

Bjork- “Crystalline”

On the first track to drop from Bjork’s forthcoming album, Biophilia, the Icelandic singer-songwriter just doesn’t do a lot for me, honestly. I was pretty excited about this track, too.

It’s certainly got all the makings of a great Bjork track–some strong vocals and personality, ear-grabbing instrumentation, a climax–but I’m left hanging by how little this song really changes or progresses as it moves from the its beginning to its end.

But this track is off of what’s supposed to eventually be an all-out multimedia project, including videos to accompany each track. Maybe I’m really only getting half the story by listen to this song by itself.