blogTV Playlist: 05-10-11

1. Yellow Ostrich- Mary
2. Two Gallants- Las Cruces Jail
3. Tera Melos- Party With Tina
4. Galaxie 500- Tugboat
5. D/Wolves- Buzz Light Yr.
6. La Dispute- Bury your Flame
7. El Guincho- Bombay
8. Assassins 88- Scanners
9. Jrgen Paape- So Weit Wie Noch Nie
10. Apparat- Ash/Black Veil
11. Starflyer 59- A Housewife Love Song
12. Shiina Ringo- Shuukyou
13. Leno Lovecraft- Princess

blogTV Playlist: 01-30-11

Here is what was played–to my recollection, anyway–at this past Monday’s blogTV. It was a great time, y’all! Thanks to Kilgorin for pulling the playlist together, and thanks to Aaron for taking the screen caps!

Balam Acab- Big Boy
Burzum- Jeg Faller
Cymbals Eat Guitars- Wind Phoenix
InEveryRoom- Strange
mewithoutYou- Seven Sisters
Father Longlegs- Stench
Mayer Hawthorne- When I Said Goodbye (Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out 7” B-Side)
Cormorant- Sky Burial
Nine Inch Nails- Tetsuo: The Bullet Man
Trivium- Upon The Shores
J.F.K.- 17 feat. Mac Miller
PJ Harvey- The Dancer
Grimes- Devon
Japanther- Not At War
Have A Nice Life- I Don’t Love
Sólstafir- Köld
Foxy Shazam- Oh Lord
Bibio- Sugarette
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282- Undertaker

blogTV Playlist: 12-20-10

I had a great time at the blogTV this past Monday, y’all. You keep making it fun for me to do this stuff, seriously. Thanks for picking up the TPOBPAH 7”s, too. They’re in the mail. HEY! HEY! HEY! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

1. Rocketship- Hey, Hey Girl
2. Motorhead- Whorehouse Blues
3. PVT- Crimson Swan
4. Juan Luis Guerra- La Bilirrubina
5. Aphex Twin- Xtal
6. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- The One
7. The Decemberists- The Mariner’s Revenge Song
8. Mooncake- Zaris
9. Fiction- Big Things
10. Braids- Lemonade
11. 80kidz- Miss Mars
12. Roisin Murphy- Night of the Dancing Flame
13. Ween- It’s Gonna Be a Long night
14. Catch 22- Sick and Sad
15. The Thermals- Back to Gray
16. We Are Losers- The Narcissist
17. Dry the River- Shaker Hymns
18. Swan Lake- All Fires
19. Small Town Crooks- Montego
20. Gossip Culture- Horses Run Wild


blogTV Playlist: 12/02/10

Boy, this is has been a crazy week. It’s been so crazy, it took me seven days to get the blogTV playlist up here. Well, this is what was played and reviewed over the course of the night. It’s not in the proper order, but it’ll help out anybody who was curious about the music played that night:

1. Comus- Diana
2. Motorhead- Trigger
3. La Sera- Never Come Around
4. Nachtmystium- Every Last Drop
5. I Mother Earth- Earth, Sky, and C
6. The Shaggs- My Pal Foot Foot
7. Beck- Diskobox
8. Jack Conte- Out of Nowhere
9. Sleep In- Back To Land
10. Sleater Kinney- Entertain
11. Phoenix- Funky Squaredance
12. The Rural Alberta Advantage- Deathbridge in Lethbridge
13. 3 Inches of Blood- The Goatrider’s Horde
14. Crispin Hellion Glover- Auto-Manipulator
15. The Postman Syndrome- It’s A Burden, I Know
16. Jake Summers- Fight Lake Apes
17. Robot Science- The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog
18. John Vanderslice- Forrest Knolls
19. J. Rocc- Play This, Too
20. Surkin- Radio Fireworks


Last Night’s blogTV Playlist

So, last night’s blogTV session was awesome. We unloaded all 11 Crystal Stilts 7”s, Cal Chuchesta came by to be a jerk, and you guys sent along some awesome songs. Kilgorin helped me out with getting most of it together. I might have missed a few tracks, but this is what I recall playing and reviewing:

1. Deathspell Omega – Devouring Famine (Suggested by Kilgorin)
2. Swans – Beautiful Child (Suggested by ModestFloyd)
3. Atlantian Kodex – Disciples of the Iron Crown (Suggested by nothings)
4. Weezer – Tragic Girl (Suggested by Jonzz)
5. Anamanaguchi – My Skateboard Will Go On (Suggested by PokeFanJake)
6. Autechre – Fold4, Wrap5 (Suggested by idiotrus92)
7. Gogol Bordello – Santa Marinella (Suggested by Dima210)
8. Herb Alpert – Spanish Flea (Suggested by hey0you0guy)
9. Deerhoof – The Merry Barracks (Suggested by huggins)
10. Cloud Cult – Transistor Radio (Suggested by Aaron)
11. Handsome Boy Modeling School – The Truth (Suggested by dpow90)
12. Vuvr- Passion (Suggested by iggnsthe)
13. The Constructus Corporation – Jellyfish (Suggested by kdito)
14. Elliott Smith – Suicide Machine (Suggested by chaosisme)
15. Headlights – It Isn’t Easy To Live That Wellt (Suggested by fix3db)
16. Subtle – Sinking Pinks (Suggested by FranklinDelanoBluth)
17. Real Estate – Out Of Tune (Suggested by lionsinflowers)
18. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Pharell, Thom Yorke – U.S. Placers (Suggested by SportsMusings)

Oh, yeah! We played a little bit of this and this, too.