Unsacred – False Light

The Richmond, VA-based trio Unsacred have just released their debut LP on Forcefield Records, and you can stream it in full above.

While the band channel a few different styles of heavy music throughout the album, they don’t really blend them together as much as transition back and forth between them. Although the music is at once identifiable as black metal, moments of crust-punk and hardcore flit in and out of each track. This stylistic variation is mostly achieved via the drumming, often trading astonishingly rapid blast-beats for more mid-tempo punk cadences, with the occasional D-beat gallop thrown in. Staying consistent throughout are the tortured, throat-full-of-nails vocals and the menacing, sepulchral guitar riffs (which sometimes feel straight out of the Watain playbook). The record as a whole can sometimes feel a bit repetitive, but it’s fun to get a Trash Talk vibe one moment, and hear echoes of Dark Funeral the next.

You can purchase the LP from Forcefield Records here.

-Tom Fullmer


Myrkur – “Skaði (Demo)”

Normally, I wouldn’t make such a big deal over a demo, but this new track from the one-woman black metal project known as “Myrkur” comes with a pretty interesting announcement: Not only is the cut embedded above going to be featured on the forthcoming Myrkur LP on Relapse Records next year, but this project is also going to see some production assistance from Mr. Ulver himself, Kristoffer Rygg. There will be some instrumental accompaniment from members of Dodheimsgard and Mayhem as well.

That’s a pretty hefty endorsement, and all of this for a project that seemingly came out of nowhere.

But here’s something Myrkur’s PR campaign has kind of omitted in the promotion of this project: Myrkur is actually Danish singer-songwriter and model Amalie Bruun. Ms. Bruun has actually released a handful of pop-flavored solo albums, sung in the band Ex Cops, and even collaborated with R.A. The Rugged Man. From hip hop to black metal, Bruun’s musical tastes seem pretty diverse, and that can only be a good thing.

While I was somewhat underwhelmed by the debut Myrkur EP earlier this year, I’m hoping Bruun’s past experience in releasing records yields more exciting results. I don’t see how it can’t considering minds like Rygg are going to be involved. Plus, this new track isn’t half bad, too!

Dean Blunt – Black Metal

UK singer-songwriter and musical oddball Dean Blunt releases an album that’s difficult to put into words. While simple in composition and sloppy in execution, the album still manages to draw up some real feelings of isolation, melancholy, and frustration.

Spectral Lore – III

A long, winding black metal epic from Spectral Lore on their latest album here, III. Stream it via the embed above, and take in the gargantuan crescendos, tender acoustic interludes, and incredibly hellish vocals.

Botanist – VI: Flora

The latest edition of Botanist’s ongoing musical saga is a gorgeous, fuzzy, and surprisingly warm approach to black metal.

Gnaw Their Tongues – Wir Essen Seelen In Der Nacht

On November 1, Dutch black metal outfit Gnaw Their Tongues will put out a new full-length titled Night of Consecration. In the meantime, they’ve thrown this EP of four experimental pieces up on their Bandcamp. It’s a really thick mix of drone, dark ambient, baroque classical, and black metal elements and makes for a quite riveting listen. I don’t imagine it’s an accurate representation of the nearing full-length’s direction, but it’s nevertheless a direction I’d be interested in seeing them pursue further.

Pyre – “Merciless Disease”

Get your teeth gnashed and fists clenched! You might wanna light up a torch as well for this new Pyre track titled “Merciless Disease.” These guys are a metal outfit that hails from Russia, and their new LP, Human Hecatomb, will be out this month via Chaos Records.

Sonically, this track is a pretty standard portrayal of death metal and crust punk, but the songwriting and performance are just too awesome to disregard. The band has guts; there’s no debating that! It’s like they’ve somehow managed to indulge in some musical nostalgia while actually conjuring the excitement I get from listening to bands that were kingpins in the era of music that so obviously influences Pyre.

Bölzer – Soma

Swiss death metal outfit Bölzer drop another EP of grimy, blood-caked, old school death metal.

KARST – “Kistérségi / Regional”

Try out this track from the forthcoming KARST album. These guys fuse black metal and punk, and do a helluva job! The production is rawer than a skinned knee, the the vocals are absolutely ferocious. The black metal influences provide just enough melody to keep things interesting, and the performance on this particular track is especially ferocious.

This track comes off the band’s new album titled Lime Veins Bleed Rust. It’s self-released out available via the band’s Bandcamp page.

Panopticon – Roads to the North

The latest album from Panopticon not only combines black metal with bluegrass and American folk music, but it’s a bonafide musical epic as well.