DOS4GW – Suiside B

DOS4GW is an underground beatmaker that has been consistently blowing my mind since 2007. The dark, fierce, electronic noise that has been emanating from his bedroom for the past few years has grown more varied and more interesting with each project, so naturally this new album, Suiside B, is pretty exciting. Slightly reminiscent of Tobacco and BMSR, the album is as mottled as it is expansive, with overdriven metallic waves broken up by steady beats, drum-and-bass punctuation, and trippy fluorescent crescendos. Check it out above and enjoy!

Suiside B is out now via Smokers Cough.

- Fin Worrall

The Bug – Angels & Devils

The Bug delivers a new album that reads more like two decent EPs.

Flying Lotus – “Never Catch Me” ft. Kendrick Lamar

*THIS IS A POWER 106 WORLD PREMIERE* So You’re Dead!‘s much-hyped Kendrick Lamar feature has been unveiled and it’s just as *LA LEAKERS* stellar as you could have hoped. There was certainly no doubt in my mind that K.Dot would kill it over FlyLo’s alternately *AIR HORN* frenetic and smooth, jazzy production. Now I’m actually kind of glad Kendrick took all his beats, even if *LA LEAKERS* it has resulted in the next Captain Murphy album getting put on hold. I’d really be down for *AIR HORN* a whole album of this. Listen above and *THIS IS A POWER 106 WORLD PREMIERE* enjoy!

You’re Dead! drops October 7 via Warp. Our review of Flying Lotus’ previous effort Until the Quiet Comes:

Mux Mool – Appetite for Production

Brooklyn beatmaker Brian Lindgren, a.k.a. Mux Mool, has a new EP out through Super Best Records that you can listen to and download for free above. The set has an instrumental hip hop vibe and continues Lindgren’s fuxing about with house and minimal techno patterns. The first track “Finish Her” has a vocal part that kind of has the “satanic Transformer” tone that Lindgren’s fellow Ghostly International signee Tobacco sang in for parts of his great new album. I dig what Mux Mool’s doing, and if you do too, you can check out his Soundcloud page for more warped tech-house magic. Enjoy!


FOODMAN – oiss & hamakko EPs

We’ve been following the Soundcloud of enigmatic producer FOODMAN for a while now, enjoying his colorful, oddball brand of juke and footwork music. We’re very happy to report that he has been fleshing out his ideas, and has recently dropped two meaty EPs that are pretty satisfying front-to-back experiences. If you’ve really been digging what he’s been doing up til now or if you’re looking for some zany, off-the-wall beats, do yourself a favor and check these out. Happy listening!

By the way, he dropped a full-length last year called「IROIRO」, which you can stream here.

HANZ – Reducer

Experimental beatmusic producer HANZ just dropped a wicked, twisted, and grimy full-length by the name of Reducer. It can be streamed in full via the widget above, or you can download it here and here.

Girl Talk & Freeway – Broken Ankles

Where have these guys been, and why haven’t they been collaborating already?

Pennsylvania is teaming up on this one with mashup master Girl Talk providing a handful of beats for Philly rapper Freeway. Some might think his style is gimmicky, but Girl Talk’s never really disappointed me. It’s actually funny that he’s been musically silent for the past four years, because I think music fans aren’t really paying attention to genre boundaries like they used to. Now that music discovery on the internet is in full swing, people are listening to whatever the hell they want. That’s exactly what Girl Talk’s megamix albums represented to me, anyway.

As far as Freeway goes, I’ve never really been a fan outside of The Stimulus Package–which dropped the same year as Girl Talk’s last record–but I think he’s sounding completely revitalized over these sample-heavy beats.

I think Freeway and Girl Talk are finding new purpose together with this new EP of theirs, Broken Ankles. The lyrics are grimy, violent, forceful. I’d call the instrumentals unlikely, but nothing happens here that albums like Feed The Animals didn’t already set a precedent for. Still, it’s great to hear Girl Talk focusing on some completely original material rather than just assembling tracks out of pieces of other songs. Stuff like this EP could really build his rep as a producer, because the beats have a lot going on for them on this thing. Enjoy via the widget above or the link below!

Download: Girl Talk & Freeway – Broken Ankles

Tobacco – “Streaker” ft. Notrabel

Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Tobacco will drop his third solo album Ultima II Massage next month, and from what we’ve heard so far, it’s gonna be a filthy, scuzzy affair. Now, if you thought lead single “Eruption” wasn’t filthy or scuzzy enough, this new one “Streaker” might just scratch that dirty itch of yours. This new song proffers perhaps Tobacco’s heaviest instrumental yet – overdriven electronics buzzing, whirring, and crashing in every which way, and even the vocodered voice is decidedly distorted and nasty compared to the lightness and gentleness typically brought by Tobacco’s vocals. He doesn’t care if he’s harshing our buzz this time around. In fact, I think he wants to, and that’s oddly refreshing. Stream the track above and enjoy!

Ultima II Massage is out May 13 via Ghostly. Check out Anthony’s thoughts on Tobacco’s last LP here.

Saint Pepsi – “Mr. Wonderful”

In “Mr. Wonderful,” previously mentioned electronic music producer Saint Pepsi combines a snappy trap beat with some schmaltzy synth leads. There’s a tight vocal sample that gives way to a fun, little drop in the song’s middle as well. Really melodic, smile-inducing production here!

Nicolas Jaar – OUR WORLD

Check out this glorious hour-long mix that Nicolas Jaar made in honor of John Lennon for the 33rd anniversary of his death. There are many standout phases Jaar goes through here, opening with an interview with Lennon; going on to string together various clips of drones, film scores, and experimental piano work; and at one point sampling a bit of Black Friday mayhem. But the highlight is definitely his powerful remix of Lennon’s “Oh My Love,” which closes out the stream. You can listen to and download it in full above via Soundcloud.

This mix was the 16th issue of the weekly podcast hosted by Jaar’s Other People imprint. Check in on its site for a new mix every Sunday.