Lord Mantis – Death Mask

Lord Mantis’ latest record bring noise and ambitious songwriting into the fold of their heavy, blackened sludge.

Queens of the Stone Age – “The Vampyre of Time and Memory”

Queens of the Stone Age drop one of the more unsettling music videos of this year, featuring loads of stuffed animals, a toothed piano, and a vampire woman that’s gonna be haunting your nightmares for the next several weeks. Props to directors Kii Arens and Jason Trucco.

Catch a review for the band’s new album …Like Clockwork below:

Mogwai – “Remurdered”

Famed post-rock outfit Mogwai has been undergoing some pretty big changes on their last few albums, and it’s lead to some hits and some misses. However, I’ve never known a band like Mogwai to fold under the pressure of critical reception, and the band’s next album could make for a pretty controversial move for them considering how surprising this first track to drop from it is. “Remurdered” takes the same slow-burning approach one would expect from a Mogwai song, but the band’s sound here is heavily reliant on synths! It’s a pretty big change from the usual layers of guitars that tend to lead the way, but I’m not really finding this track any less interesting from a compositional standpoint, honestly.

This track comes from Mogwai’s forthcoming album on Sub Pop Records titled Rave Tapes. The album is looking at a January 21st release! Enjoy!

Let’s Talk Daggers- “Have A Gabble”

Some fast, jagged, angular, wild, spastic, and some what zany post-hardcore from the guys in Let’s Talk Daggers. The trio just dropped a new full-length in March titled Fantastic Contraption. I’m gonna give the full-length a listen as soon as I make heads or tails of this video!

Pissed Jeans – Honeys

On Pissed Jeans’ latest effort the band still sounds, uh, pissed.


Everything Everything – “Duet” (Session Performance)

Everything Everything delivers a session performance of the song “Duet” for The Line of Best Fit. Watch, enjoy. I was catching a serious Coldplay vibe on this track, but the band’s eccentric approach to vocals and melody definitely keep them in a spot of their own.

Atoms For Peace – “Judge Jury and Executioner”

With some strange loops and atmospheric vocals, this new Atoms For Peace single has me more psyched than ever to hear the band’s upcoming release, Amok, which I already said I was looking forward to in this video. Not only is there a solid chord progression here, but I’m loving the mix of acoustic and electric sounds on this. The raw acoustic guitar slides in nicely with the song’s detailed beat and weary tone.

Look for Amok via XL on February 25th.

Murder Construct- Results

On their debut full-length, extreme music supergroup Murder Construct releases what will probably be my favorite grindcore album of 2012.


Torche- “Kicking”

Torche drops some entertaining visuals for one of the best tracks from the Florida band’s latest album, Harmonicraft. The video here takes a humorous approach toward depicting a game of America’s greatest pastime: Kickball. There’s love, triumph, matching outfits, and concussion-induced hallucinations. This video’s got everything!

Look for Torche’s new album on Volcom.

No Class- keine klasse II

Some uncut, unadulterated Kansas City punk coming from No Class on the band’s latest LP for Deranged Records, keine klasse II. The band’s hardcore style, relentless drumming, and whirlwind riffs make this a pretty solid punk release.

The recording is great, making some of the guitar riffs pretty pummeling. And even though the band’s lead singer works within just two modes–pissed and really pissed–this record isn’t without its variety. “Burning Bridges” is a surprisingly minimal interlude on the album, featuring a single guitar playing a reverbed chord progression into oblivion, and “Silence Please” certainly sets itself apart with some intense tom fills.

Again, look for this album now on Deranged Records.