Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD – “SIX DEGREES” ft. Danny Brown

Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah, Danny Brown, and the Toronto jazz fusion trio BADBADNOTGOOD all on the same track? Legendary. Just legendary!

This track is basically a new 10″ single that’s being released by Lex Records. Also, make sure you’re caught up on the new BADBADNOTGOOD record.


BADBADNOTGOOD drops their most moody, lush, and orchestrated album yet.

BADBADNOTGOOD – “Can’t Leave The Night”

BADBADNOTGOOD share another piece of original material from their forthcoming third album. “Can’t Leave the Night” doesn’t quite answer the questions that “CS60” left us with, but that arguably makes it all the more compelling. The sounds are still lush as all get out and the playing is fucking tight, of course. Maybe I’d like to see the trio go for some bigger, more climactic moments, but what we’ve seen so far from this new project is certainly promising.

Look out for III, dropping May 6 via Innovative Leisure. In the meantime, revisit the jazz fusion magic of BBNG2:


Toronto jazz fusion trio BADBADNOTGOOD is getting ready to drop their third full-length album this year, and they’ve just sounded the alarm with the release of a new track titled “CS60.” Even the description box attached to this new song is virtually empty–well, except for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”–which drives me absolutely nuts. It’s only because the song leaves me with so many questions, though. For example, where did all of these fantastically lush sounds come from? Is the band working with a slew of guest musicians now? Who is producing?

All I know right now is I’m excited to hear the band approach instrumentation more ambitiously, because the results are sounding great so far!


Canadian jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD drop a new original via their YouTube channel titled “Hedron,” and it’s one of the band’s more contemplative tracks. It can be downloaded via, and I have reason to believe these guys should be dropping something later this year, so keep an ear out that for that.

Also, check a review of BBNG’s last full-length below:

Soulja Boy Tell’em- “Pretty Boy Swag” (BADBADNOTGOOD Remix)

BADBADNOTGOOD pulls together a pretty, uh, swag remix of Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag.” Dig it! Also, check my review of their last album here.


Toronto jazz fusion trio BADBADNOTGOOD caught on tape covering TNGHT at Mad Decent’s Block Party. A perfect storm of awesome, if you ask me. I wonder if a cover of this will make it onto BBNG’s next album. Hmmmm…


With improved production, more original material, more instrumentation, and some intense performances, the new BADBADNOTGOOD album improves on the blueprint of the previous LP in every way.


BADBADNOTGOOD- “UWM” ft. Leland Whitty

Featuring Leland Whitty on sax, here’s a music video for a track from the new BADBADNOTGOOD album, BBNG2. It shows the band members walking into the shot to eat cereal as their respective instruments come into play in the actual song. It’s a clever idea, but now I really want some cereal. Damn…

Find a link to download BBNG2 here.



Experimental jazz hop trio BADBADNOTGOOD has dropped its second full-length album, BBNG2. It’s available via the download linked above. After the group’s entertaining debut, how could you say “no”?

The album features Odd Future instrumental covers, and even takes on some tracks James Blake released last year on his self-titled debut. Some saxophone even makes it onto a few tracks here, which is played by Leland Whitty.

Can’t wait to dig into this! Linked above is the .mp3 version. Get the .flac version of the album here.