Panda Bear – Mr. Noah

Animal Collective’s Panda Bear give us a taste of his forthcoming album.

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – “Little Fang”

Avey Tare’s new oddly-named project releases its first song, “Little Fang.” This is much more straightforward than most of what we’ve come to expect from Tare, despite the slightly off-kilter vocal affect. A throbbing bass and summery guitar lead the way, with the drum beat giving the song a fresh pep. I guess we will have to wait longer to find out if this project is just a horror-pop gimmick–the name is probably still giving me too many hangups–but this song seems pretty sound.

Enter the Slasher House comes out April 8, via Domino.

Animal Collective- Centipede Hz

With Centipede Hz, experimental music outfit Animal Collective is following its poppiest album, 2009′s Merriweather Post Pavilion, with one of its most hectic.

Stream the New Animal Collective Album


In case you missed all the hubbub last night when Animal Collective streamed their new album Centipede Hz in full on the latest installment of their internet radio program, the full album has been archived for streaming on the band’s website. You can either stream it in full, or stream each individual track at your leisure. Each song is accompanied by an animated video directed by Avey Tare’s sister Abby Portner, who has directed some videos for the band in the past and created the distinctive album art for Avey’s 2010 album Down There. The stream will only be up for 24 hours after the stream first went up, so listen to it before tonight if you want to at all!

Centipede Hz is officially out September 4th on Domino.

Panda Bear- Tomboy

I enjoy Animal Collective as much as the next guy, which is why I’m baffled by this album failing to translate in any sort of major enjoyment to me.

I have to admit I kind of saw this coming, though. Many of these tracks were released on singles before the album release, and I only enjoyed a few of them. However, I have to admit that the sonic qualities of these tracks really do come together into a cohesive direction on the LP. Everything works together as one. The album is basically Voltron, and the singles were merely automatons waiting to be assembled into a mechanized psych pop machine.

Though the direction and style this album embraces is pretty clear, I can’t say I’m a fan of it. The disruptive, glossy delay that’s covering nearly everything on these songs doesn’t make them all that appealing. For me, it actually has the opposite effect. Panda Bear writes some really captivating melodies on “Surfer’s Hymn” and “Last Night at the Jetty,” but the cut and paste percussion, cacophonous mixing, and muddy guitar sounds hardly serve as the perfect foundation to make these songs shine. The atmosphere on Person Pitch was so much less disruptive, which really let the songs shine. This album obviously puts a stronger emphasis on effects and volume, but neither are doing much for me.

The hazy wall of sound Panda Bear builds again and again on these tracks does put me into a mesmerized state of mind a few times–namely “Afterburner” and “Alsation Darn.” But for me, the high is pretty mild.

I give Panda Bear a lot of respect for doing what he does in Animal Collective and in a solo capacity. I’ll always check out whatever new joint he’s pushing. This one just didn’t do a lot for me, that’s all.


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Stream tracks:

Avey Tare- “Lucky 1″ ‡ VIDEO

Video for the Avey Tare track “Lucky 1.” It’s the closer to his upcoming album, Down There. This might go without saying, but this album will be reviewed.