Snasen – “Failing Upwards”

Everything is falling apart in the new track from Norwegian producer Snansen.

This song certainly sets a mood one that is dark and ominous, but it has all the sounds that you would want aesthetically, it is incredibly appealing to the ears especially at a high volume. There is definitely a mood to this song and unsurprisingly it turns out that Snasen used to belong to a punk band called Amulet. You may not see the most aggressive sort of behavior in a song like this, but you can certainly feel the attitude of Snasen in the soundscape he creates, and I am personally a big fan of it.

Catch the Failing Upwards EP February 15th.


Fatal Jamz- “Scorpion Chain”

A video from Los Angeles’ Fatal Jamz for the fast-rockin’ “Scorpion Chain,” which sounds like an interesting cross between the modern and messy punk energy of Jay Reatard with the over-the-top presentation of glam.

Jamz has a debut album coming out on Burger Records and Gnar Tapes in November. Also, while you’re at it, check out a project that was also fronted by Fatal Jamz’s Marion Belle named Bowery Beasts on Bandcamp.