Animal Collective- “Honeycomb” / “Gotham”

On Animal Collective’s new single, the experimental music outfit continue’s to lead the pack with some of the most interesting sounds in modern psychedelic music.


Fidlar- DIYDUI

Coming out in April on White Iris, here’s the new Fidlar 7″, DIYDUI. These guys are a LA band looking for some bottles to break and weed to smoke. Maybe a couch to lay on for a while, too. Definitely something to help Black Lips or Natural Child fans kick spring into high gear. Be on the lookout for some surf rock reverb, pounding guitars, and a load of attitude.

Superhumanoids- “Mikelah”


Hot of the release of two EPs in the past year, L.A.’s Superhumanoids have a new 7″ record out on White Iris.

“Mikelah” is a slow-burning electronic jam with a hazy melody capturing that current mid-summer feel. The distant male vocals of the verse’s are counterbalanced by a lofty female vocal in the chorus, but the best part is when the two voices come together in harmony at the end.

By the time it’s over, it feels a little anticlimactic. There’s a lot of buildup, but not much catharsis to this tune. Still, “Mikelah” is a worthwhile song for a hot Summer night.


Future Islands- “In the Inkwell” ‡ STREAM

I didn’t give Future Islands‘ latest album the most lavish of scores when I reviewed it, but they’ve still got some of the most captivating vocals I’ve heard all year. The band has a new split 7” on the way, and you can stream their side below. The track is “In the Ink Well,” and the twinkling synths and rough vocals create a really sensual atmosphere. Stream the song below and get the peach-colored vinyl at Friends Records.