Supersilent – “12.1″

On its 12th album, Norway’s eminent free improvisational outfit Supersilent is still managing to turn out some pretty evocative and extraordinary music. Having dabbled in avant-garde jazz, EAI, noise, and experimental rock throughout its career, the trio now finds itself in a decidedly dark ambient place. Just listen to 12‘s opening track – Arve Henriksen’s forlorn trumpet drifts and stabs out through a murk of synthesized wind courtesy of Ståle Storløkken and Helge Sten. Listening to the track is like slowly losing consciousness in a cave leaking hazardous gas. Thankfully, Supersilent is still capable of delivering inspired material to keep the listener the right kinds of intoxicated and breathless.

12 is out now via Rune Grammofon.

Beck – “I Won’t Be Long”

Famed singer-songwriter and musical oddball Beck has dropped a new single that feels like an ethereal take on some of the drum and guitar sounds I’d typically associate with a new wave tune. The tune is pretty catchy as well, and make sure to put your ears to the pretty, textured instrumental bridge in the middle of this thing. Enjoy!

You can pre-order a 12″ of this thing, too!

Stream Twelve Reasons To Die: The Brown Tape

If you’re a big hip hop fan, no doubt you heard that the Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah has a new collaborative album with producer and composer Adrian Younge. If you’re a fan of the LP, then you won’t wanna miss The Brown Tape, which is a track-for-track revision of the album, produced entirely by Apollo Brown. New beats, new vibes, same great bars. Enjoy!

Check a review of Twelve Reasons To Die Below:

Four Tet- Pink

Electronic music producer Four Tet assembles the 12″ house singles he’s been sporadically releasing throughout the year, and places ‘em on this new compilation, Pink.


Nathan Fake- “Sense Head”

Nathan Fake released a 12″ release via Border Community yesterday. Merely 24 hours later, he released this song as an unreleased track. It’s fantastic. It would have fit in very well on the 12″ perfectly, with its scattered drums, manipulated synths, and hypnotic pace. This is a must-hear for fans of Fake, or even fans of dance music in general.


Shit Robot- “Space Race”

“Space Race” is the b-side to a new 12″ single written by Irish music producer Marcus Lambkin, a.k.a. Shit Robot. It’s being released through DFA records, and follows Robot’s 2010 album, From the Cradle To the Rave.

While “Space Race” features a sharp, crisp, and punchy dance groove, there’s something sci-fi about the glossy synths that slide flawlessly against the rhythms here. You could probably compare it to any number of soundtracks attached to space-themed movies released in the 80s. You could compare it to Zombi or Vangelis as well, sure, but those artists don’t make me want to dance until the sun comes up. That, my friend, is what’s happening here.

Andrés- “New For U”

A new set of 12″ grooves suggested to me yesterday by the good people at Resident Advisor.

Andrés’ “New For U” features a pretty tight disco groove and honey-kissed string samples that make this track hard to resist. So groovin’. So sweet. So, um, sexy.

Kyoka- “23 iSH”

A cerebral progression of deep rhythms, sporadic tones and noises presented on this new track from Kyoka. This thing’s got a great groove, which is incredibly danceable, but the sounds used to execute are very bold and colorful. It’s got a mechanical, calculated vibe to it, but still manages to be a fun listen.

Grab this release on raster-noton.


Shabazz Palaces Remix Battles

A remix from the new Battles Gloss Drop remix 12″ series, which I blogged about last month. This Shabazz Palaces remix comes from the 2nd installment of this series. The Alchemist and Kode9 are also featured on this 12″.

Grab tracks from the series on Bleep.

Battles Releases New Remixes

This February, Battles will be dropping a remix series of songs from one of my favorite 2011 albums, Gloss Drop. You can subscribe to the series over at Bleep. Stream two of the tracks from the series thus far above.